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Youth live-streams sex on Facebook, gets arrested

Police have reportedly arrested Linu, a 23-year-old hotel employee, of Vallachalil in Rajakkad in Idukki for live-streaming intimate moments with his girlfriend on Facebook. “The youth said the video was uploaded to get more likes on Facebook. But later he said they quarrelled and he live-streamed their act to take revenge on her”, police reportedly said. After the video went viral on social media, the woman went to police saying he had raped her on false promises of marriage. Her twin sister also filed a complaint to get the video removed from the social media.

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Facebook’s new feature to get familiar with friends' friends

Facebook has come up with a new feature that lets users get familiar with their friends' friends. The feature gives potential friends’ information, say reports. Another feature in its Messenger that would let the users connect if they both are interested in hanging out is being tested, reports added. The feature prompts messages like - “Would you like to meet up with (name) this week?”, say reports.

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Facebook will block ads from Pages that spread fake news

Social media giant Facebook on Monday reportedly announced that it would block advertisements from pages that repeatedly share fake news. Facebook claimed that this move would help reduce the distribution of false news and will keep the pages from making money with false news. However, Facebook added that the pages might start running ads again if they stop sharing false news

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