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By Vinershea | Apr 22, 2020 09:09 PM

Amid coronavirus outbreak and lockdown across the world, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, made headlines with one particular moment that caught everyone's attention and netizens are going gaga over it. 

Justin Trudeau slow motion hair flip video has Internet crazy 

Ever since the video went viral, it has been watched by millions of people, not just women but men too. The epic moment took place when Canadian Prime Minister, was addressing the members of the press from his home when some strands of his hair fell on his eyes due to the wind, and he perfectly pushed it back with style. He was recently giving a press briefing about the virus and how it is being handled in the nation.

That moment caught people's attention and Twitterati went crazy over it. Hours after the press briefing, a clip went viral on social media platforms, but this Facebook post by Jason Hanson, became the most watched one.

The video is an edited version, in which Trudeau, shows his action in slow motion, with a melodious tune in the background.

Soon after that #JustinTrudeau was trending on Twitter along with the slow-motion videos of him flipping his hair. This video was posted on April 19, and has been watched over 5 million times. It has also received tons of comments that proves netizens are not being able to keep calm after watching the clip.

What do you think about this video? Did you watch it on repeat too. Check the video and comments below:

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