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By Vinershea | Jan 07, 2020 01:20 PM

The New Year 2020 brought in new measures; as Facebook has updated and introduced its privacy checkup tool with four new features. This new feature will help users to improve their account security and also control their information.

Facebook rolls out 4 new privacy features for Privacy Checkup

The new version of the feature will be introduced world wide this week while the old Privacy Checkup tool has been in action since 2014.

As per The Hindu reports, Facebook in a blog post said that- the “Who Can See What You Share” feature will help every user to review who all see their profile, from phone number and email address to their posts.

Coming to the second feature- “How to Keep Your Account Secure" will help user to have a strong account security with password and turning on login alerts. Meanwhile, the third feature talks about- “How People Can Find You” on Facebook. 

This feature will help you to review ways in which people can find you on Facebook and who all can send you friend requests. 

Coming to the last feature- “Your Data Settings on Facebook will let you review the information you share with apps you have logged into Facebook. You can also remove the apps you no longer use,” said Facebook on their blog post. 

These four Privacy Checkup features can only be accessed by clicking the question mark icon on Facebook’s desktop site and selecting Privacy Checkup, The Hindu further added. 


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