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By S Vikram | Jul 19, 2019 12:53 PM

The Social Media platforms Facebook and Instagram have billions of users uploading a large number of photos and videos on a daily basis. The platforms are also used for sharing personal information which might sometimes include sensitive data depending on the importance of the information.

TN IT specialist was rewarded 20 Lakh rupees by Instagram

Therefore, the probability to hack an individual’s account is quite possible provided the new era of growing technology. There is something called “Ethical Hacking” which is carried out by professionals constraining to legal boundaries.  But, we cannot just expect only ‘Ethics’ in technology since it connects the world around us. Illegal hackers can sometimes breach even the confidential Government data which is a serious threat to any nation. In that case, Facebook and Instagram could never be a hard target. Reportedly, the chennai-based man has said Zee News that, “Instagram can be hacked in 10 Mins”.

Lakshman Muthaiyaa, an IT engineer who is specialized in the protection of computer systems has cracked a flaw in the most trending photo-sharing app Instagram according to a report by Polimer. Reportedly, he had detected a flaw in the SMS which will be sent when someone forgets his or her Instagram password. Lakshman Muthiya has forwarded the flaw to Instagram mentioning the flaw could hack any Instagram account.

Reportedly, Instagram has acknowledged to Lakshman Muthaiyaa’s discovery and they have fixed the bug. Also, Instagram has rewarded a lump sum amount of $30000 to Lakshman for lending his support to fix the bug. The Polimer report further adds that Lakshman had previously detected a bug in Facebook’s photo uploading feature and rewarded by the Mark Zukerberg owned company.