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By Dharani | Aug 07, 2019 09:37 PM

Micro-blogging site Twitter has admitted to ‘inadvertently’ sharing user data to advertising and third party partners for over one year due to privacy glitches. The information that might have been shared include country code, details of users’ engagement with an advertisement and details about the advertisement. The company claims to have fixed the issue on August 5.

Twitter admits sharing user data inadvertently with advertisers

Mainly, data of users who interacted with advertisements concerning to mobile applications between May and September 2018 have been shared without permission.

“The data involved stayed within Twitter and did not contain things like passwords, email accounts etc...,” Twitter’s official statement on the issue read.

“We know you will want to know if you were personally affected, and how many people in total were involved. We are still conducting our investigation to determine who may have been impacted,” the statement further read.

This comes a year after Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal shook the world of social media users.