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By Ramya Ashok Kumar | Nov 27, 2018 07:01 AM
Twitter helps track down two long-lost childhood friends

Every now and then the internet often proves us that it is a wonderful place for us to be. Stories on how social media was put to good use are very heartwarming to hear.


Recently, Twitter helped track down two long-lost childhood friends in just 12 hours. Brianna Cry, a Twitter user had posted a photo of her and another girl when they were young. Along with the photo, she wrote a message asking other users to help her identify her friend from a Hawaiian cruise she went to in 2006.


Within 12 hours of tweeting, the post went viral. The girl in the picture, Heidi Tran, herself commented a picture of herself holding a photo from the cruise along with the caption, "Heard you were looking for me."


What a delightful way to use social media! However, it seems that Brianne and Heidi will not be meeting up anytime soon due to financial circumstances. Heidi is currently at a community college on financial aid and cannot be going anywhere at the moment.