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Mumbai tragedy: 2 men risked their lives to save 50

According to NDTV reports, two young men, Mahesh and Suraj Giri, risked their lives to save over 50 lives during the tragic fire accident at Mumbai's Kamala Mills on Friday. Both the men working in the next building saw the fire and rushed to help the people stuck inside the building. Reportedly, the two climbed pipes to reach the fourth floor, broke open the lock on the exit and helped bring out people. "The smoke in the restaurant was black, so thick and pungent that one couldn't breathe for even for two minutes. I covered my nose with my shirt and just went in and then I kept pushing people to the exit," Suraj recalled. 14 people were killed in the incident while 54 people were admitted to various hospitals due to injury.

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Heartwarming: Muslim neighbors came together to adopt Hindu children

A Muslim neighbourhood in South Kashmir’s Lewdora has adopted four orphan Kashmiri Hindu children after their mother, Baby Kaul, passed away on Saturday. The children’s father too had passed away due to a debilitating disease related to diabetes. The neighbourhood adopted two girls aged 15 and 16 and two boys aged 15 and 7. Hundreds poured in to participate in Kaul’s last rites.

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