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By Saradha | Jun 11, 2020 12:25 PM

A 28-year- old Chennai man, Joel Pinto ran from pillar to post and left no stone unturned while searching for a drug after doctors informed him that his father would recover better from COVID19 if treated with Tocilizumab. After searching in all the local medical stores, he realized that the drug has not been available in Chennai for over the last 15 days.

Chennai Man Travels 1000 Km to Save Father! Inspiring

It is a patented drug produced by a single manufacturer and is generally used to suppress inflammation. The drug costs between Rs 75,000 and Rs 95,000.

“The Doctors initially told me they would arrange for it to be delivered in two days. Later, they asked me to try as they were uncertain of the arrival. I called hundreds of pharmacies in the city, and placed several requests over the social media,” Joel told the Times of India. 

“I couldn’t find the drug, but I realized a lot of others were scrambling like me for Tocilizumab to save their loved ones,” he added. 

His father suffered a lung infection a couple of years ago. Doctors informed Joel that the drug is important to reduce inflammation and breathing difficulties. 

Although calling up pharmacies seemed like a wild goose chase, he continued to do so. Finally, one in Otteri told him that he could get it from a pharmacy in Hyderabad. However, the drug would take three days to reach Chennai if it is sent by post. “The pharmacist charged me Rs 92,000, I didn't have time to decide if I should trust him. I paid an advance without questions and applied for the e-pass.”

Since, the hospital letter was attached, the e-pass was granted within 45 minutes.  He drove till Hyderabad and came back with the drug. 

“I feel bad for those making frantic searches here for the drug. I spoke to many in need of it. In such situations, the government and hospitals must procure adequate stock for the benefit of public. If there’s delay, there’s no saying how many lives would be lost,” he said. 

A lot of people who are in need of the drug have posted tweets on the issue requesting government and hospitals to procure the drug.

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