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By Ramya Ashok Kumar | Oct 21, 2018 07:32 PM
Woman passes out after troubled at Sabarimala temple in Kerala

Kerala has been put in turmoil ever since the Supreme Court ruled out that women of all age can enter the premise of Sabarimala temple. However, despite the SC's orders, devotees are not interested in complying.


Following the SC's orders, the temple opened on Wednesday. However, no woman has been able to set their foot inside the temple, let alone reach the temple gates. Reportedly, eight women have attempted the 19 km trek but none could go beyond Pamba.


According to reports, Balamma, 47, trekked for four km without anyone noticing. However, protestors suddenly surrounded her demanding for her to show an id proof to check her age. She fell unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital.


Despite the state government's assurance of police presence, it has been of no use claim women.