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By Ramya Ashok Kumar | Oct 15, 2018 10:42 AM
Back or neck - Photo of woman leaves thousands confused

Over the recent past, we have seen many optical illusion-based photographs sprout up leaving netizens all over the globe puzzled. Whether it was the infamous 'blue or gold dress' or the 'beach or door' photograph, people loved to spend time trying to crack what was happening.


Recently, a new photograph has come to surface, confusing thousands. From a distance, it seems like a snap of a woman's bushy mane. But wait, look again! Many felt that the photo is that of a woman's head with her short hair reaching her neck. However, a certain few felt that it is a snap of a woman's long, curly hair reaching her back.


Twitter users went on a rant over what the picture actually depicted. It actually took a while to realise what was going on in the photo. On a closer look, one can tell that the image is that of a woman with her long hair reaching her back, strangely resembling a neck. "Its the girl back. She sitting down but she has long hair. You have to really focus," says Serenity Bee, a Twitter user.

Check out the photo here and let us know what you make out of it.