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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Sep 14, 2018 08:52 PM
prison inmates live luxury life inside Chennai prison

*Image Courtesy: News18*


In a rather shocking piece of information, pictures from the Puzhal central prison in Chennai show how prisoners have been enjoying a gala time inside the jail. Pictures reveal how prisoners have access to mobiles, TV, beds and other not-so-basic amenities.

According to a report in News18, these pictures came to light when a phone used by one of the inmates was seized by prison authorities. Sources in the prison department have claimed that these inmates have been getting such items from other prisoners in jail, by charging exorbitant costs.

In the pictures that have surfaced, inmates can in been in casual clothes, enjoying lavish meals, having access to beds, electric cookers, UPS batteries, and other electronic devices.

Prison authorities have claimed that a probe has been ordered into the matter. However, the authorities have tried to tone down the magnitude of the issue by claiming that except for mobiles, they are allowed to use the rest of items as they belong to 'A' class category.

"The thing is that mattresses are provided already. One television is also provided in each block. So these things are not irregular. The only irregular thing is the cell phone. We have seized seven cell phones last week for which the inquiry is underway as to how it was smuggled inside. And we will definitely take action against officials if they are found guilty," said Ashutosh Shukla, ADGP