Vidiyum Munn


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Album Release Date : Aug 16,2013
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Production: S.Prabhakaran
Cast: Malavika, Pooja, Vinoth Kishan
Direction: Balaji K. Kumar
Screenplay: Balaji K. Kumar
Story: Balaji K. Kumar
Background score: Girishh Gopalakrishnan
Cinematography: Sivakumar Vijayan
Dialogues: Balaji K. Kumar
Editing: Sathyaraj Natrajan
Stunt choreography: Thalapathy Dinesh
Singers: Girishh Gopalakrishnan, Tanvi Vyas
Lyrics : Choir, Girishh Gopalakrishnan, Susheela Raman
PRO: Nikhil Murugan
Distribution: Khayum Studios Private Limited

Actress Pooja returns to the big screen after Bala’s Naan Kadavul in this thriller, Vidiyum Munn. The film is directed by debutante Balaji Kumar and has music by Girishh G who last contributed his craft for Pandiraj’s Marina. Impressively the composer has also penned all the lyrics for this film.

Theeradha Mounam (Tanvi Version)
Singers: Tanvi
Lyrics: Girishh Gopalakrishnan

The opening number is a relaxed quiet storm like number driven by moody strings and a pensive sounding Tanvi. Tanvi shoulders the free flowing composition with a fine vocal performance while the backing band is happy to play second fiddle, with only the horns given scope to make any sort of impression. A good song that stays true to its nature throughout.

Vidiyadha Iravu
Singers: Girishh Gopalakrishnan
Lyrics: Girishh Gopalakrishnan

Twangy guitars open up into a fusion rock song that’s unafraid to wander into unfamiliar territories be it the time signature or the unconventional packaging. The native element is certainly present in the vocal melody if not in the orchestration. Expectedly the track’s big punch comes during the chorus when the loud drums and distorted guitars kick in. Girishh lends his own voice here and knows exactly when to quiet things down and take it up a notch. A closer listen will reveal that a lot of intricate production has gone into this tune.

Singers: Susheela Raman
Lyrics: Girishh Gopalakrishnan

The London based Susheela Raman, known for her enthralling live performances makes an entry to Tamil cinema through this beautifully constructed song. Again, Girishh is unwavering in his effort to allow the melody to go where it pleases as opposed to chaining it within walls of the contemporary. The track has a heavy lounge anthem feel and that may attributed to Susheela’s singing, which comes off as accented in certain places. The clever stop-starts, the seamless entry-exits of various instruments show a composer under complete control of the situation.

Theeradha Mounam (Girishh Version)
Singers: Girishh Gopalakrishnan
Lyrics: Girishh Gopalakrishnan

A slightly different cut and a marginally shorter version of the first tune of the album. Acoustic guitars take the place of the piano. While it may not be as captivating as Tanvi’s version the uncanny ambience remains.

Singers: Instrumental

A dark industrial instrumental enters the proceedings in an album that is already kind of gloomy in nature. The track may hint at picking up pace during the breakdown and the entry of the guitar riff but the composer keeps things rather mid tempo and continues to sustain the tension and suspense created early on.

Singers: Choir

The album closes with yet another instrumental, this one more bright and hopeful with the children chanting and ringing of timers.

Verdict: A different follow up by Girishh to Marina that stimulates more than it entertains.
( 2.5 / 5.0 )



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