Nalanum Nandhiniyum


Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
Album Release Date : Jun 01,2013
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Production: Libra Productions, Ravindar Chandrasekaran
Cast: Michael Thangadurai, Nandita
Direction: Venkatesan R
Screenplay: Venkatesan R
Story: Venkatesan R
Music: Ashwath, Naganathan
Cinematography: Nizar S
Editing: Alen

A former assistant of Venkat Prabhu, Venkatesan begins his innings as a director in this Libra Productions backed film, Nalanum Nandhiniyum. The film stars Michael Thnagadurai and Attakathi Nandita in the lead. Music is by debutant composer Ashwath.

Gummunu Varugudhu
Singers: Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

A festive mood wraps around this folk tune and the lyrics make it evident of Gangai Amaran’s involvement. The mandolin and guitar picking during the chorus is a nice touch. Vijay Prakash delivers a lively performance. The music director does the most of what’s possible with a generic folk tune but tries to give it a fresh presentation with clever stop-starts and a groovy bassline. 

Kadhal Veesum Katril
Singers: Shalini Singh, Sowmya Mahadevan, Unni Krishnan
Lyrics: Karky

The somewhat dull drum line hampers the mood of an otherwise decent melody. The promise shown in the instrumental interludes is not sustained throughout the rest of the song. The singers do a fair job but the female vocal overdubs make the tune a bit too sugary.

Sala Sala
Singers: Sachin Warrier, Shankar Mahadevan
Lyrics: Niranjan Bharathi

The intensity of Shankar Mahadevan’s singing isn’t quite backed up by the mainstay percussions which don’t offer the thundering support the vocals require. The string arrangements and flute highlights try to amp up the emotions but it’s essentially only Shankar Mahadevan who single handedly shoulders and carries forward the song.

Singers: Balram, Chinmayi, Rasika Sekar
Lyrics: Niranjan Bharathi

Best tune of the album that’s intelligently pieced together and showcases the full potential of the composer. The instrumental portions enter and leave seamlessly. There are plenty of fresh vocal melodies within the tune and nearly most of them are memorable. Balram and Chinmayi are tested with the impressive vocal progressions and both come out on top with excellent performances.

Vaadagai Koodu
Singers: S.P.B.Charan, Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics: Karky

Another intricately pieced together tune where the vocal melodies beautifully intertwine each other and lead the listener through a soothing journey. The string section is masterfully conducted and they light up the tune on several occasions in the song. The singers S.P.B Charan and Shreya Ghoshal embellish this complex tune with fine performances singing solo and in unison.

Veettukkulla Vaanavillu (Unplugged)
Singers: Deepak, Madhumitha, Swathi Ravichandran
Lyrics: Karky

A stripped down and rearranged version of Vaadagai Koodu with a different set of singers and a fresh set of words. The track claims to be an unplugged version but the electronic effects do make an impression on the tune even though it is mostly piano driven.

Verdict: The album houses complex and beautiful melodies, but feels in need of more hooks.