Moodar Koodam


Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
Album Release Date : Apr 29,2013
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Production: White Shadows Productions
Cast: Anupama Kumar, Jayaprakash, Oviya
Direction: Naveen
Screenplay: Naveen
Story: Naveen
Music: Natarajan Sankaran
Background score: Natarajan Sankaran
Cinematography: Tony Chan
Editing: Athiyappan Siva
Singers: KJ Yesudas, Naresh Iyer, Natarajan Sankaran, Naveen, Raginisri, SP Charan, Sricharan, Srinivas, Subiksha Richray
Lyrics : Mahakavi Bharathiyar, Naveen, Subiksha Richray, Vidwan Ve.Lakshman
Distribution: White Shadows Productions

Moodar Koodam is a black comedy directed by Naveen, a former aide of Pandiraj and Chimbu Devan. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Oviya, Jayaprakash, Senrayan and others. Music is by newcomer Natarajan Sankaran.

ABCD Ungappan Thaadi
Singers: Naveen, Raginisri, Sricharan
Lyrics: Naveen

Composer Natarajan Sankaran pieces together this juvenile anthem rather nicely by setting up the groove with a vocal melody. The male vocals do not exactly qualify as singing but it works effectively nevertheless while the female vocal enters the fray and offers levity. The overall crafty effort catches you off guard and makes you stand up and take notice of the rest of the record making for a perfect start.

Kannodu Kangal
Singers: Srinivas
Lyrics: Naveen

An old timey composition that employs the accordion and using brushes over the drums effectively.  While the song does well to create a mood of pathos it suffers from being captivating and resulting in a tune that meanders towards its conclusion. Srinivas’s voice is a good choice for the composition.

Oru Oorula
Singers: Chennai Chorale, SP Charan
Lyrics: Naveen

Has a tinge of middle eastern or Jewish folk influence in its string arrangements but the composition takes a life of its own by steadily creating an atmosphere while being rather ironic in nature. SP Charan sings like almost two different people, or one with an alter-ego.

Vela Vetti
Singers: Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: Naveen

The track continues mood and the tempo of the soundtrack set by the preceding tracks and is pretty much of the same nature – spelling doom and gloom. Musically the orchestration continues to be grand, placed over a simple bass groove. Again the lyrics are self-effacing and self-sympathetic even. The minute detailing of string arrangements breathes life into the song but the horns evoke a feeling of repetitiveness.

Achamillai Achamillai
Singers: SP Charan
Lyrics: Mahakavi Bharathiyar

A poem by the great Bharathiyar is never short of power. The music director sticks to his guns with the symphonic treatment yet again and the orchestration is as on expected grounds, considering the treatment thus far. The bits of Celtic sounds offer a nice change up amidst all the drama.

Nila Nila Odi Vaa
Singers: Subiksha Richray
Lyrics: Subiksha Richray

Natarajan Sankaran takes the age old lullaby and sets it to overtly dramatic music. By now there is a bit of restlessness that creeps in as the instrumental crests and troughs become too obvious and regular.

Neeyum Bommai
Singers: KJ Yesudas
Lyrics: Vidwan Ve.Lakshman

The legendary singer KJ Yesudas returns to perform his first ever song that’s been reused in this film. Not much has changed within the composition in terms of melody excepting maybe the rhythm section that’s subdued. The album continues to dwell on the dark side as Yesudas surrenders himself to the words and the melody.

Ithu Nalla Naai
Singers: Naveen
Lyrics: Naveen

A simple and not entirely uncommon violin melody opens the song before a door bell gives the song a total overhaul. At first it comes across as more of a scene than an actual song, possibly even a vocal interlude to the album. But soon we realize that’s not the case because there is a pretty amusing and catchy vocal hook that appears out of nowhere.

Auto Kumar Intro
Singers: Natarajan Sankaran
Lyrics: Naveen

Clocking in at less than a minute the track just about manages to kickstart itself with a dance groove that uses simple lyrics and delivery.

Moodar Koodam Theme
Singers: Naveen
Lyrics: Naveen

A complete spoken word segment supported by a promising bassline,  that sadly only plays the supporting role without taking off. The strings pull through like the thrilling score of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in one instance as the composition tries to be cool and menacing all the same.

Senrayan Theme Intro

A simply delicious acid jazz groove that’s not short of spunk or funk. The irresistible groove is almost heroic even and is the most readily accessible and enjoyable of the instrumentals.

Packing Montage Theme

A composition that comes across as Muzak but with a little more life strewn into it, but could serve its purpose well as a BGM but its understated nature can also cause it to be overlooked.

Kappuli Senrayan Dream

The strings sway rhythmically and the give and take between the low end and high end of the strings makes for the highlight of the song and it manages to be dreamy like the title suggests.


The composition is a frantic play of the wind instruments over a heavy drum & bass section without being chaotic whatsoever. While there might be similarities drawn to ‘Misirlou’ the track stands its ground as an original.

Verdict: Offers difference but short of variety.