Sonna Puriyadhu


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Album Release Date : Jan 09,2013
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Production: 360 Degree Film Corp, Habib, Saandika Amarnath
Cast: Siva, Vasundhara Kashyap
Direction: Krishnan Jayaraj
Music: Yathish Mahadev

Sonna Puriyadhu is a film by debut director Krishnan Jayaraj, who earlier co-directed Tamizh Padam. The film features Mirchi Shiva and Vasundhara Kashyap in the lead. Music is by Yatish Mahadev.

Kelu Magane Kelu
Singers: Jagadeesh
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

A soft song but its premise and lyrical content is quite amusing. The song is presumably about a person who woes his married life and dreams of what might have been had he not married. A clever usage of a popular Rajini song’s chorus invokes a chuckle. Jagadeesh emerges as a fresh voice and impresses with his performance. Composition wise, it’s a well crafted mid-tempo track which has lively percussions and guitars.

Kaaliyaana Saalayil
Singers: Chinmayi, SP Charan
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

It’s hard to tell if there is a parody angle, musically, to this song as it sounds like an old-world production, unlike the other songs on this album. The song uses talented singers in Chinmayi and Charan who both deliver fine performances. The song’s melody too is quite pleasant and ear friendly, but it’s the curiously lackluster orchestration which sticks out like a sore thumb.

Dhevadhaya Ratchasiya Serthedutha
Singers: Ranjith
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

This is a song that has a sort of a Spanish jive to it. A fairly uptempo and peppy song that’s performed with equal flair and energy by Ranjith. The song uses popular comedy punchlines by Goundamani for whatever reason, otherwise the song runs out of ideas and resorts to repeating its melodies.

Un Tholil Saindhu
Singers: MK Balaji
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

A pathos tune that’s sung reminiscing a personal loss. The composer uses a light yet dramatic approach with his usage of piano and violins. Balaji’s sincere singing does evoke sympathy.

Ayyayo Poche
Singers: MK Balaji , Yatish
Lyrics: Yatish

Music director Yatish Mahadev doubles up as a lyricist for this song. Lyrically the song is direct and colloquial and contains everyday usage words. The chorus makes for the most memorable part of the track. Otherwise the composition seems like a digital mish-mash over which vocals are layered.

Sonnaa Puriyaadhu Theme Music

The film's theme music is driven by a series of guitar riffs. The violin piece that follows suit is of complete contrast to the earlier distortion. The closing melodies are pleasant and the culmination of all the instruments is well executed.

Sagaroo (Instrumental)

A pulsating instrumental piece with thumping beats makes up the core of this tune. There are some operatic chants that add drama and weight to the composition. The mood of the song, even as it shifts to an Indian style, seems to be one that is intended to inspire.

Dance to it.. (Instrumental)

A lively instrumental set to a tight dance beat. The song’s melodies come in the form of synthesizers and flute predominantly. The heavy guitar riffage brings the soundtrack to a strong close.

Verdict: Sonna Puriyadhu’s music is simple and to the point !