Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum


Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
Album Release Date : Jan 27,2013
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Production: Manoj Creations
Cast: Karthika Nair, Lakshman Narayan, Manoj Bharathiraja
Direction: Bharathiraja
Screenplay: Bharathiraja
Story: Bharathiraja
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Background score: GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: B. Kannan
Singers: Chinmayi, G.V. Prakash, Harini Sudhakar, Maya, Pooja, Prasanthini, S.P. Charan, Santhosh, Sathya Prakash
Lyrics : Arivumathi, Gangai Amaran, Vairamuthu

Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum marks the return of legendary filmmaker Bharathiraja. The film stars newcomer Lakshman Narayanan along with Karthika Nair in the lead. The film has music by G.V Prakash and the lyrics have been contributed by Vairamuthu, Arivumathi, Egadesi and Gangai Amaran. Bharathiraja also provides commentary in between the songs in his inimitable style.

Singers: Chinmayi, Sathya Prakash
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

The album opens to the mellifluous voices of Sathya Prakash and Chinmayi. The track is classic village fare in terms of orchestration and creates the perfect atmosphere for the rest of the album. The song tries to capture the essential flavours of rural TN.

Puthi Vecha
Singers: G.V.Prkash, Prasanthini
Lyrics: Arivumathi

There is a clever use of the string section to build a crescendo before muting it down to a somber flute piece on a few occasions. The percussions provide the perfect foil for the melody without being overly imposing or jarring. Both the singers deliver a fine performance and G.V. Prakash seems to pick some of his best compositions to lends his own voice.

Singers: S.P.Charan
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

S.P. Charan returns to the fray as a singer with this melodious number penned by Gangai Amaren. The composer uses bits of Dotara throughout the song for the traditional rustic feel.  The emotion of sadness is made evident through the words and the soulful singing of the vocalists.

Nariga Uranga
Singers: Harini Sudhakar, Pooja, Santhosh
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

The mood of the song reminds the listener of G.V’s work in ‘Paradesi’. The percussions aren’t quite lively as the singing and one gets the feeling that the tune falls short of reflecting the joyful mood that were depicted through Vairamuthu’s words.

Singers: G.V.Prkash, Pooja
Lyrics: Egadesi

A beautiful tune that rests entirely on the vocal harmonies of the two singers G.V. Prakash and Pooja. The singer-composer keeps the instrumentation minimal yet tense. He employs the cello to good use to deliver the effect of strong sadness. G.V does enough to avoid the song from being overly dreary, even if pathos.

Kola Vaala Edungada
Singers: Maya, Padayappa Sriram, Raihanah
Lyrics: Egadesi

A strong sounding song powered by fierce vocals that’s reminiscent of native temple celebration music. The instruments used provide the atmosphere of a temple carnival of sorts. The lyrics are inclined towards raising the pulses of the protagonist and the listener.

Verdict: G.V. Prakash does well to capture the essence of the rustic setting and translate it into melody