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Album Release Date : Apr 01,2013
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Production: Prakash Raj
Cast: Allu Sirish, Yami Gautam
Direction: Radha Mohan
Screenplay: Radha Mohan
Story: Radha Mohan
Music: Thaman
Background score: Thaman
Cinematography: Preetha
Editing: Alen
Stunt choreography: Silva
Dance choreography: Dinesh, Pony Varma
Singers: Gana Bala, Haricharan, Ranjith, Suchithra, Vardhani
Lyrics : Madhan Karky
Distribution: Duet Movies

Gouravam is director Radha Mohan’s follow up to Payanam. This Tamil-Telugu bilingual introduces a new cast that features Allu Sirish and Yami Gautam in the lead. Thaman is the music director and all songs have been penned by Madhan Karky in this Duet Movies production.

Ondraai Ondraai
Singers: Haricharan, Suchitra
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

The opening male verses of Haricharan set the tone for this blooming uprising of a tune. The entry of Suchitra’s long drawn out melody instantly elevates your listening senses while offering the song excellent dynamics. Instrumentally Thaman goes electronic, layering it with banging percussions and distorted guitars to add weight to the tune. The sing-along sections are well charted out and do well to achieve an ‘anthemic’ feel.

Maname Maname
Singers: Ranjith, Vardhani Thaman
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

In its essence this is a carnatic tune that gives undue importance to the vocal melodies. But Thaman develops its musical canvas very intricately with a digital loop, live drums, native percussions and mandolin along with other accompaniments, and all of these have been seamlessly sequenced together. The tune’s progressive nature offers interesting time signatures that allows the musicians to chip in with excellent solo bits. The singers, Ranjith and Vardhani, play the perfect foil with their sober melancholy as the background is filled with quiet but intense action.

Mannadacha Pandhu
Singers: Gaana Bala
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Thaman takes no time to introduce the core vocal hook as the song gets down to business right from the get-go. Gaana Bala is certainly the flavor of the season and literally every song that he’s part of goes down well with the audience, and this will be no different. The orchestration rests on an easy going beat laced with acoustic guitars and some chimes and such, but Thaman’s use of the stop-start is delightful.

Oru Graamam
Singers: Gaana Bala
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

A silent folk tune minus the usual nativity that comes with the genre. Instead Thaman resorts to simple guitar strums and some organs to create an atmospheric feel. The song is barely 2 minutes in length but manages to communicate enough, ably supported by Gaana Bala’s effort.

Verdict: Overall a good product from Thaman and Radha Mohan