Rendavathu padam


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Album Release Date : Mar 08,2013
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Production: Dharani
Cast: Aravind Akash, Ramya Nambeesan, Richard, Vijayalakshmi, Vimal
Direction: CS Amudhan
Screenplay: CS Amudhan
Story: CS Amudhan
Music: Kannan
Background score: Kannan
Cinematography: Vijay Ulaganathan
Dialogues: CS Amudhan
Editing: TS Suresh
Stunt choreography: Dilip Subbarayan
Dance choreography: Anwar, Kalyan
Singers: Chithra, Hariharan, Mukesh, Rahul Nambiar, SPB, Ujjainee, Velmurugan, Vijay Prakash
Lyrics : Madhan Karky, Na Muthukumar

Rendavathu Padam is C.S. Amudhan’s follow up to his successful debut spoof film ‘Tamizh Padam’. He teams up with music director Kannan once again. The film’s story is still anybody’s guess at the moment. Rendavathu Padam features an elaborate cast that includes Vimal, Aravind Akash, Richard Rishi, Vijayalakshmi, Remya Nambeesan, Sanjana Singh and others.

Adutha Paruppu
Singers: Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

What begins on a devotional note soon breaks into an unholy gana beat, first slow and then picking up during the chorus. The song follows one of the character’s lofty ambitions that draw condescending but witty spoken word interruptions, presumably from his friends. Vijay Prakash performs well sounding like a proudly delirious youth. The intermediate ramblings of Vimal will demand repeated listening and will prove to be challenging to recite.

Kuppa Thotti
Singers: Hariharan, Ujjainee
Lyrics: Madan Karky

The curiously titled song is not at all scattered or misplaced in idea or execution. The song may be equivalent to ‘Oh Mahaziya’ from Tamizh Padam in its intentions at being whacky but carries more function. The orchestration houses some digital sounds along with native and old school string section. Hariharan returns to serve Amudhan yet another daffy number with the utmost conviction. Ujjainee breezes through the tune. Credit to Madan Karky for having us scratch our heads over the Michael Jackson references and everything else within.

Roja Poo
Singers: Chitra, SPB
Lyrics: Madan Karky

Brace yourself for some time travel as this tune will take you back to Ilayaraja’s heydays in the 80s. The entire mood, melodies and orchestrations are well in tune with that specific era. It is precise to the point that they’ve acquired the services of two of the most prolific singers during that period in S.P. Balasubramanian and Chitra and they sound like they haven’t aged a day! Even if the song may visually parody the 80s, the tune will go down as a fantastic tribute, intended or otherwise, to the music maestro Ilayaraja.

Aapu Birthday
Singers: Mukesh, Rahul Nambiar, Velmurugan
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

Kannan takes you on a joyride on this tune that starts off lively, set to a popular MJ-like bass groove, and dabbles briefly with a sensual dubstep bridge before localizing the world’s most sung song. It’s hard to deny that the music director has made the birthday song his own with his choice of icing on the cake but takes none of the sweet enjoyment away. Lyrically the song pokes fun at the birthday boy while managing to be endearing in flashes but the track has you grinning throughout nevertheless.

Verdict: Merry, jocular and delivered with prime purpose!



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