Singam 2


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Album Release Date : Jun 02,2013
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Production: S. Lakshman Kumar
Cast: Anushka, Hansika, Santhanam, Suriya, Vivek
Direction: Hari
Screenplay: Hari
Story: Hari
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Background score: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Priyan
Dialogues: Hari
Editing: V. T. Vijayan
Singers: Baba Sehgal, DSP, Hariharan, Kannukulle, Shankar Mahadevan, Sharmila, Shwetha Mohan
Lyrics : Viveka
PRO: Jhonson
Distribution: Gemini Film Circuit

Singam II is the follow up to the superhit commercial flick Singam. This film sees director Hari feature the original cast in Suriya and Anushka and also some new faces in the likes of Hansika and Santhanam joining the cast. DSP returns to score the music for this highly anticipated sequel.

Waale Waale
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan
Lyrics: Viveka

Quite possibly the hero’s intro song with just about enough pep and punch to please the fans, the lyrics also make a case for a moral message during the second half of the tune. The folk groove will offer plenty of opportunities for Suriya to show off his dance moves. Shankar Mahadevan turns out to be the right man for the job with his high energy singing serving the tune well.

Singers: Shwetha Mohan
Lyrics: Viveka

A light and enjoyable tune which earns its cheerful personality through Shwetha Mohan’s performance. The peppy electronic beats back up a melody that has almost a carnatic style. The track is well produced with a good amount of interesting effects that fill the ear space at regular intervals.

Singers: DSP
Lyrics: Viveka

The menacing chants in the opening with the pulsating beats make it seem like a tune from an RGV film. The beat isn’t the only thing that’s strong and aggressive, so is DSP’s singing.  The track uses the original Singam theme’s chorus and could be used well for montage sequences or action scenes. The dramatic horn sections are a regular feature in the song. By using all the famous punch dialogues and Bharathiyar’s poetry the lyrics attempt to draw out of Duraisingam.

Singam Dance
Singers: Baba Sehgal, DSP, Sharmila
Lyrics: Viveka

A trademark DSP beat and groove featuring the Baba Seghal who is a regular in such staple tunes. Even as the track might seem like the usual DSP tune full of head-before moments, but it still manages to do enough to be enjoyable. The accordion bridge is a nice addition to the tune and the chorus hook is quite catchy.

Vidhai Pola
Singers: Hariharan
Lyrics: Viveka

Another fiery tune that is likely to accompany Duraisingam in his battles. The song is filled with equally spirited lyrics that glorify the protagonist. Again the horns are used to hair-raising effect along with the loud percussions. Hariharan delivers his best in all the ranges.

Singers: Jeved Ali, Priya Himesh
Lyrics: Viveka

A folk tune set to dance beats and carries the usual strains of ad-libs and changes common in such tunes. Javed Ali and Priya Himesh do well to make it a happy tune but the composition offers little to make it excitable for the listener.

Verdict: A straight forward, nothing fancy, DSP album.



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