Sutta Kathai


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Album Release Date : Jun 01,2013
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Production: Libra Productions, Ravi C
Cast: Jayaprakash, Lakshmi Priya, MS Baskar, Nanditha, Nassar, RS Shivaji
Direction: Subu
Screenplay: Subu
Story: Subu
Music: Madley Blues
Background score: Madley Blues
Cinematography: Nishar
Dialogues: Subu
Editing: Surya
Stunt choreography: T. Ramesh
Dance choreography: Sathish
Singers: Harish Venkat, Harshitha Krishnan, M.S.Vishwanathan, Mano, Solar Sai, Subu, Venky, Vijay Prakash
Lyrics : Harish Venkat, Subu
PRO: Mounam Ravi

Sutta Kathai has the lyric writer of Aarohanam take up directional duties for his maiden film. The film is produced by Libra Productions and features the music by Madley Blues which comprises of Prashanth Techno & Harish.

Kattukkulla Kannamoochi
Singers: Harish Venkat, Harshitha Krishnan, Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Subu

The opening guitar notes bring about a sense of eeriness. The created tension is sort of diffused with the dance beat that kicks in, nevertheless it’s salvaged by the chorus section. The track assumes several moods at different points as it switches to a jazzy horn segment at one moment and features funky guitars during the other. The bass playing though is continuously prime throughout. The synth hook had potential enough to be capitalized on some more.

Yele Yele
Singers: Harish Venkat, M.S.Vishwanathan
Lyrics: Subu

A supremely fun bluesgrass tune that’s best enjoyed stomping your foot along to the beat. The orchestration is genuinely old-fashioned with various string instruments like the fiddle, banjo and the mandolin setting the pace, mood and melody of the tune. MSV’s vocal presence turns out to be the final piece to the puzzle and listening to the legendary composer singing in colloquial Tamil is simply delightful.

Dingu Dongu
Singers: Mano, Solar Sai
Lyrics: Subu

Another proud wine shop anthem joins the ever increasing list of drinking songs. While the theme of the song may not be unique the treatment is rather refreshing with the track building up to accommodate the highlight of the tune which is its chorus. Mano and Solar Sai prove that they are the best men for the job as they share a great chemistry between themselves. The interludes and the instrumental bridges are well crafted and pieced together but don’t come across as organic.

Twist On Top
Singers: Harish Venkat, Subu, Venky
Lyrics: Subu

A short electronica theme with a hip hop groove that features a call centre recorded message as a sample. The chorus is a clever wordplay on the song’s title and is amusing even if it intends to make you curious.

Unnai Naanum
Singers: Harish Venkat
Lyrics: Harish Venkat

A generic alternative rock tune that’s been polished well enough with a decent vocal melody, guitar fills and synth effects to keep the listener interested. Harish Venkat’s low register singing does need a bit of getting used to, as one wonders if a slightly higher scale might have worked better. The track does score high on mood and emotion.

Anbe Aaruyire
Singers: Harish Venkat
Lyrics: Subu

A straight up hard rock tune with acute stop-starts that gives the tune its dynamics amidst the unrelenting pace. The band’s playing is exceptionally tight with a nice wholesome drum sound. The guitar solo early on is pretty sweet. While the lyrics for a Tamil rock song are often an area of concern, Subu gets it right by keeping it simple and complimenting the rhyme scheme’s needs. The singing shows good intensity and the whacky chorus seals the deal.

Verdict: Makes all the right noises !