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Album Release Date : Apr 15,2013
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Production: Chennai Cinema India Pvt Ltd
Cast: Bharath, Chandni
Direction: Sasi
Screenplay: Sasi
Story: Sasi
Music: Simon
Background score: Simon
Cinematography: Saravanan Abimonyu
Dialogues: Sasi
Editing: Subarak
Stunt choreography: Ravi Srichander
Dance choreography: Swingers Prassana
Singers: BlaZe, Chinmayi, Deepak Doddera, Haricharan, Kalyani, Meghana Dandekar, Preethika Rao, Satya Prakash
Lyrics : Na Muthukumar
PRO: Nikil
Distribution: Chennai Cinema India Pvt Ltd

Director Sasi returns after ‘Poo’ with an action thriller. Bharath has undergone tremendous physical transformation for this role. The film has music by Simon and other cast members includes new faces Mirthika and Erika Fernandes.

Mudhal Mazhai Kaalam
Singers: Deepak Doddera
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

As the song’s lyrics suggest the track itself trudges along like a train in motion. But music director Simon peppers the tune with brief bursts of energy. Instrumentally there’s a lot happening within the song offering a lot of surprises but the slap bass and the percussion interlude stand out in the mix. Vocalist Deepak Doddera performs with all heart.

Rowdy Girls
Singers: Preethika Rao
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Essentially the song’s idea itself is rather contrived and gives the impression of trying too hard to get your attention. The track reminds you of Rahman’s ‘Shakalaka Baby’ minus the memorable hooks. Preethika Rao does her bit in this all-girl anthem.

Kaadhal Indha Kaadhal
Singers: Kalyani, Satya Prakash
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

The stand out tune of the album comes masquerading as a soft romantic melody, but the build-up is quite obvious as the final burst of riffs and drums result in an explosion of emotions. Composer Simon understands the potential of a good vocal hook and uses it cleverly. Satya Prakash drives the tune vocally and is ably supported by Kalyani.

Singers: Satya Prakash
Lyrics: BSK

Saregama is a melodious bit song that tries to tie down two contrasting genres in carnatic and western styles and is more or less effective in achieving what it sets out to do. Satya Prakash renders this short and breezy tune.

Ghani Khamma
Singers: Meghana Dandekar
Lyrics: Noel Rodrigues

Another short tune that would have been delightful as a full-fledged song. Meghana Dandekar performs this exquisite Hindustani Classical number with the required nativity. In the end we are left wanting more of the promising tune.

Vizhiyele Vizhiyele
Singers: BlaZe, Chinmayi, Haricharan
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

This is a bubblegum-pop tune in all its glory, filled with romantic exchanges and reggae-rap segments to distinguish its western style clearly. The song pulls through rather easily with the help of seasoned performers such as Haricharan, Chinmayi and Blaze who have all had their share of such tunes over the years.

Singers: Simon
Lyrics: Simon

The track was the highly publicized first single and runs on a hip-hop groove with music director Simon chipping in with the vocals. The track is interestingly pieced together with a familiar but effective chorus hook and plenty of spoken word features. Credit to the team for going into unchartered territory with this idea.

Verdict: A good debut album with some likeable numbers, but wish Simon had experimented a lot more with other tracks like the Elavu song.