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Album Release Date : Jun 13,2013
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Production: C Kalyan, Teja Cinemas
Cast: Erika Fernandez, Sujiv
Direction: Kumar T
Screenplay: Kumar T
Story: Kumar T
Music: C Dharan Kumar
Editing: Karthik

Virattu is an upcoming bilingual film written, produced and directed by Kumar T. The film stars Sujiv, Pragya Jaiswal and Erica Fernandes with music by Dharan. The Telugu version of the film is called Dega.

Mouname Mouname
Singers: Andrea Jeremiah, Haricharan
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Gentle and precise notes of a nice guitar lick serves as the backbone for the tune. Even as the composer fills the song with impressive instrumental solos, especially the violin, it is the singers who shoulder the tune. Andrea’s voice sounds velvety and a perfect match for a tune such as this. The passively effective bongos make way for the loud drums to kick in which provides space for a dramatic guitar solo making it for one of the high points of the tune.

En Life In Angel
Singers: Dharan Kumar
Lyrics: Vignesh Shiva

The track begins on a promising note with a piano based intro with a fiddle-like instrumental piece but it soon turns into a bubble gum pop tune that’s mildly engaging despite Dharan’s best efforts. The composer also turns singer for this tune and passes his vocals through digital filters to give out a tone that could be testing for the listeners. If the team was looking to achieve an amateurish innocence with the words then the lyrics achieve just that.

Meeta Paanu
Singers: M.M. Manasi, Santosh Hariharan
Lyrics: Lally

A peppy tune that roughly adopts the template of a song like ‘Ringa Ringa’ where the vocals are accompanied only by timers that is inevitably led to blasting beats but unlike the popular Telugu dance number the melodic hook is not as strong, nor is the rhythm irresistible. The lyrics hint that it could be a possible item number and Manasi sings it with a nasal twang but with good spirit and Santosh Hariharan does his best to match her.

Podhum Podhum
Singers: Andrea Jeremiah, Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: Karky

The first single that was released from the album has a live feel to it which needs to be attributed to the backing band whose playing is tight and impressive. The guitar playing especially makes a mark with its unannounced shifts from soft picking harmonics to loud powerchords. A pulsating chorus gives the song its impetus and again Andrea appears as the perfect fit and powers it to the hilt while Naresh Iyer shows tremendous control over his vocal abilities.

Verdict: An album as mercurial as its composer.