Desingu Raja


Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
Album Release Date : Jun 19,2013
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Production: Madhan
Cast: Bindu Madhavi, Soori, Vimal
Direction: Ezhil
Screenplay: Ezhil
Story: Ezhil
Music: D Imman
Background score: D Imman
Cinematography: Suraj Nallusamy
Dialogues: Rajasekar
Lyrics : Yugabharathi

After wowing the audiences in Kumki, Imman consolidated his position in the industry with a strong follow up in Saattai. His latest release is for the Ezhil directorial, Desingu Raja, which stars Vimal and Bindhu Madhavi.

Ammadi Ammadi
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

The album opener is a delicate tune that carries with it a sense of longing. Shreya Ghoshal is simply brilliant in the way she displays supreme control over her voice. The track itself isn’t too far from something the maestro Ilaiyaraja would come up with in terms of melodic progression and orchestration. The Veena interlude in particular is nicely done. In a sense, this track is a representation of the kind of talent Imman possesses.

Oru Ora Ora Parvai
Singers: Balram
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

What strikes you the most is how the composer fills your ears with sprightly bits of orchestration throughout the song. Strings, percussions, chimes and timers are all tactfully and tastefully utilized. The pre-chorus builds up to a moment of elevation making for the highlight of the tune, which has singer Balram amping up his emotions a notch. This highpoint however is cleverly saved for the right moment and not over used, keeping the listener anticipating for it as the rest of the tune is constructed around it.

Nelaavattam Nethiyile
Singers: Harini, Unnikrishnan
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Amidst the deftly designed complex tunes Imman shows how well he can package and present a rather simple tune. A classic native folk duet with an equally typical vocal melody is given a refreshingly new groove. Unnikrishnan and Harini deliver the exchanges very pleasantly. The drums gently crack away in the background and feature short appearances from a string instrument that sounds like the prim. But it’s the overall production of the tune that makes it all the more enjoyable.

Yaarume Kekkave Illa
Singers: El Fe, S.P.Balasubramaniam
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Imman springs up a surprise in an album that is essentially rustic. An acappella intro makes you sit up and pay attention followed by an immediate sense of satisfaction hearing SPB in fine form. The vocals are initially presented as a bluesy number but then the electronic beats kick and change the course of the tune. Still the composer makes room for the human element with the acoustic guitars and the violin interlude which is exceptional.

Pom Pom Pom
Singers: Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Imman returns to the nativity with a happy folk tune that begins with a lively shenhai intro. Again the track rests on a well thought of percussion arrangement that has a distinctive tone and rhythm pattern compared to the other similar tracks on the album. The composer has crafted out a simple and likable vocal melody leading to a catchy chorus, peppering it with all the necessities of a hit song. Vijay Prakash does really well in this tune that could leave a few people catching their breath half way through the verses.

Verdict: Folksy and well produced.