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Album Release Date : Jun 27,2013
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Production: Ashok Kumar, Nandha Kumar, Phoenix Pictures, Ramasamy
Cast: Ajeedh, Deepz, Kaali, Madhan Gopal, Madhumitha, Raja Siva, Rajkamal, Sathya Sai, Smile Selva, Soundararaja, Thambi Ramaiah , Varun
Direction: Ashik
Screenplay: Ashik
Story: Ashik
Music: Abhijit Ramaswami
Background score: Abhijit Ramaswami
Cinematography: Jayaprakash
Editing: Kamal G

In his debut effort director/ producer Ashik H brings to audiences worldwide Vu, the story of five individuals who strive to be successful in the film industry. Thambi Ramaiah who is a fan favorite in the recent years, plays the lead along with four youngsters.

Kaalin Keezhey
Singers: CG Krishnan
Lyrics: Murugan Manthiram

The song consists of playful notes and uses the harmony of different instruments to give a beautiful melody. A cheerful synth hook is layered over some soft yet precise note plucking on the guitar with the low end bass notes building the groove. Although the song might not satisfy everyone it is sure to make a lasting impression on most people.

Thikki Thenarudhu Devadhai
Singers: Aajeedh, Shruthi
Lyrics: Manthiram, Murugan

This crossover folk tune carries a whiff of a popular song from Ajith’s ‘Citizen’, still its well orchestrated, produced and has the makings of one that would work well with all ages. Household name young Aajeedh and Shruthi have sung their heart out and it shows in the output of this song. Popularly dubbed as lover-boy Aajeedh already has admirers all over and this song would only help him gain many more.

Oru Padi Mela
Singers: Arun, Ashik, CG Krishnan, Thambi Ramaiah
Lyrics: Murugan Manthiram

A collage of voices led by Thambi Ramaiah brings about a tune that has a mix of folk and gaana is memorable at best. Thambi Ramaiah pulls through rather well, even in the more demanding chorus section. The song offers ample opportunity for actors to shake their tail feathers as the song is cheery but with a restrained tempo. But the song will not escape comparisons with a tune from Venghai.

Aaha Idhu Cinema
Singers: Mukesh
Lyrics: Murugan Manthiram

Fast paced with groovy beats, the lyrics add to the unique nature of the song. Aaha Idhu Cinema is aptly named as the song depicts the ups and downs of cine industry. The brief appearance of dub-step offers variety to the already fun song. A humorous but authentic take on every day problems the people of the industry face, presented in an enjoyable bubbly number.

Chinna Kuzhandhai
Singers: Velmurugan
Lyrics: Murugan Manthiram

Unassuming guitar strumming breaks into an uptempo tune without warning. The song employs Velmurugan’s services perfectly. The composer does his bit within the limited time giving it a hook to grab the attention of listeners and get their feet tapping.

Thikki Thendarudhu Devadhai (Seniors)
Singers: Aditya Kashyap, Vandana
Lyrics: Murugan Manthiram

The grown up version of the previously heard song gives mature tones for audiences who prefer this rendition. Vandana’s voice blends well with Aditya’s and gives an echoing melody that stays long after the song is over. But more importantly, the awareness of the composer to tune into the contemporary sensibilities and get the best out of it is appreciable.

Kaalin Keezhey (Version 2)
Singers: CG Krishnan
Lyrics: Murugan Manthiram

The album opener features again in a more stripped down version minus the backing drums and percussions but retains the same feel of the original.

Verdict: Sparkles in bits.



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