Chithiraiyil Nila Soru


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Album Release Date : Apr 28,2013
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Production: K Murugesan, R Palanisami, S Balasubramani
Cast: Baby Sara
Direction: R.Sundarajan
Screenplay: R.Sundarajan
Story: R.Sundarajan
Music: Ilaiyaraja
Background score: Ilaiyaraja
Cinematography: Rajarajan
Dialogues: R.Sundarajan
Editing: V Jai Shankar
Singers: Haricharan, Ilaiyaraaja, P. Karthi, Priyadharshini, Sabtha Barnar
Lyrics : Gangai Amaran, Kavingar Vaali, Pazhani Bharathi, Pulamai Pithan
Distribution: Sri Senthur Pictures

Countless films later, R.Sundarajan continues his partnership with the music maestro Ilaiyaraaja in his latest film Chithiraiyil Nila Soru. The film stars Baby Sara of Deiva Thirumagal fame.

Kallaale Senju Vacha
Singers: Haricharan
Lyrics: Vaalee

The Jazz laced instrumentation that’s become Raja’s go-to sound in the last decade feels like an uninvited guest in this tune. The synth patch finds itself detached to the core essence of the tune making it all too hard to comprehend its presence in the scheme of things. The interludes are all positioned predictably and the anticipation of something wonderful is met with underwhelming response. The dramatization in the words will make it hard for the tune to cut through generation barriers but regardless, Haricharan performs with utmost earnestness.

Ungappan Pera Solli
Singers: Ilaiyaraaja
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

The first interlude shows signs of the revered maestro that we’ve come to celebrate over the decades, be it the sprightly instrumental section or the vocal interplay, and the signs return in the second interlude too. But for the most part this jovial song, sung by the composer himself, sounds like an empty jam, almost like rough track that was finished up hastily. The track feels far too simple and lacks any fervor.

Kaalaiyile Maalai Vanthathu
Singers: Sabtha Barnar
Lyrics: Pulamai Pithan

Relief for the Raja-philes comes in the form of this crossover-classical melody that is sprinkled with some homegrown magic dust. The Veena appears for considerable period initially and leaves a lasting impression. The charanams, however, offer an unexpected but refreshing change up with an amalgamation of guitars where the chords jump up and down with gentle harmonics accompanying it in the background. The music is best served with Sabtha Barnar’s vocals as it blends seamlessly.

Nandri Solla vendum
Singers: P.Karthi, Priya Darshini
Lyrics: Pazhani Bharathi

The best song on the album comes in the form of yet another classical based tune featuring a melody that’s beautiful but more importantly carrying a strong sense of purpose. Unlike some of the earlier tunes, nothing feels imposed here and the flow is pure and organic. The overall definite sound attributes to this impression. The Mirandagam delays and echoes resonate nicely in the early interludes and even when the band’s drums kick in, its mixed low enough to give the impetus to the miradangam to remain the mainstay of the song. The classic Raja string section makes an appearance in the latter half and is quite delightful. The vocal melody is impressive with some great progressions, build ups and finishes. Karthi and Priyadarshini complete this tune by giving it a timeless feel.

Kallaale Senju Vecha
Singers: Priya Darshini
Lyrics: Vaalee

The female version of the album opener is rendered here by Priyadarshini. The vocals are full of melodrama as the lyrics demand no less and the performance in that regard is near flawless.

Verdict: A couple of tracks possess the magic, the rest are left wanting.



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