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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Oct 23, 2018 06:03 PM
Tamil Nadu engineer leaves job to make traditional organic sweets

Sweets are an integral part of any celebration. There are some who go the extra mile and prepare sweets themselves. Today, people hardly have time to soak, grind, mix, pre-heat and so on and so forth. We simply decided to buy it from shops.

But there are those who still believe that nothing can beat the quality of hand-made that too by themselves. B Stalin, founder of MotherWay Sweets & Snacks, talks about his experience in buying sweets in the new age, and he recounts a bitter-sweet tale.

“I was going home, and wanted to buy sweets for my nephew,” begins Stalin, speaking to The Better India. “I wanted to buy the Kadalai Mittai that I had cherished as a child and remember so fondly, hoping to give my nephew the same relish I had once tasted,” he says.

But as he looked for Kadalai Mittai for his nephew, he found that none came close to the one that he had tasted as a child. It was then that he decided to start making them himself.

Stalin has always had a sweet tooth since his childhood days. He graduated with an engineering degree in 2008 in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and worked in R&D with an electronic bike manufacturer.

After 5 years, he decided to quit and decided to start making sweets. "Since I wasn’t satisfied with my job, my friends suggested why not make a good snack,” Stalin said. He travelled throughout Tamil Nadu for three months, trying to learn how different sweets were made.

Stalin planned to make peanut candy using Karupatti, but palm jaggery costs nearly four times as cane sugar, so the production cost would simply be unbearable. He was collaborating with the father of his friend Koodalingam, who also expressed his scepticism about using palm jaggery.

What started as a small company, has now evolved to something beyond his dreams. Today, MotherWay Karupatti Kadalai Mittai is being sold to over 200 retail shops in the country and has orders from abroad as well. 

Stalin proudly says that he will keep his the promise of delivering authentic sweets that can be relished by any generation and hopes to satisfy not just his sweet tooth but those of many to come.


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*Originally published in The Better India*