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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Nov 16, 2018 09:53 PM
Government school teacher selected for National Award

The great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar once wrote, "When the learned see that the learning that delights them Delights the world as well, they love learning even more."

A government school teacher named Selvakumar from Thiruputkuli village near Kanchipuram has imbibed this saying in his life and work. Selvakumar has now been nominated for the national award for Information Technology by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Selvakumar will be getting the award under a special category along with three other teachers.

Every year, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting selects a few teachers from across the country and honours them for their involvement in implementing information technology in teaching.

Selvakumar, who got selected for this award, is known to be a sincere and dedicated teacher who creates the smart classroom paraphernalia by bearing the expenses of the smart classroom himself. He has been working in the Thiruputkuzhi Panchayat union primary school for the past 10 years.

He has been credited with bringing about amazing changes to the 5th standard classroom in the school. Here, he connected 8 monitors with one CPU and split the class strength into eight groups. Then he taught the students by using these audiovisual teaching methods and computer technology, encouraging the students to analyse subjects in a more practical manner.

He converted the notes and questions and answers of all the subjects into QR codes and pasted them on the table in front of each student bench. Additionally, he installed every student's personal profile and academic performance in the QR code itself. This enabled the children's parents to monitor their kids' academic performance while sitting at home.


*Originally published in Times Now*