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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Sep 26, 2018 07:09 PM
Bicycle mechanic turns IAS officer after incredible journey

There are tales of incredible hardship and struggle people have gone through to attain their goal. One such story is that ok Varunkumar Baranwal.

Baranwal, an IAS officer from the Gujarat cadre (2014 batch), lost his father in 2006. Being the eldest male member in the family, the burden of providing financial support fell on his shoulder. When he sat for his class 10 examinations, he was prepared to accept that he would have to give up education.

To his surprise, he topped the exams and found out that life had a different plan for him. Reflecting on his incredible journey, Baranwal remembers a time when he was unsure of even completing school. In a Facebook post, he says, “I was a recipient of (the) graciousness of many such great souls.”


At various points in his life, he had the support of well wishers. Help for college fee came from Dr. Kampli, who treated Baranwal's father before his death. He got through college with good scores, but not without struggle.

Life took a different turn when Baranwal attended Anna Hazare's movement for the Jan Lokpal Bill and anti-corruption. It is here that he decided to solved the issues of society by joining civil services.

Struggling to buy books to prepare for UPSC Exams, an NGO called 'Hope', helped Varun get the books he needed to study. Baranwal finally cleared the exams and secured an All India rank of 32 in the 2014 UPSC Exams.

Baranwal's story is the perfect example of struggle and determination against all odds.