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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Aug 28, 2018 02:23 PM
baby flung to ground by mother

In a shocking incident from Hyderabad, a woman flung her month-old baby to the ground during a quarrel with her husband in the middle of a road. The disturbing visual was caught on camera by onlookers.

The video shows a woman getting into an argument with a man, apparently her husband, and chasing him as the man tries to evade her. Police suggest that the banter escalated when the man refused to claim responsibility of the child.

The woman can been seen screaming and shouting at the man, asking him to hold the baby. However, the man refused to hold the infant, and handed it back to the woman. Angry at this act, the woman snatched her baby and to everyone's disbelief, flung the crying infant to the ground.

Shocked and angry at his horrific act, the man picked up the baby and is seen hitting the woman. The drama ensued until a traffic cop arrived at the scene and took hold of the wailing infant. The cop then handed the child over to officials for medical care.