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Album Release Date : Oct 26,2013
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Production: Azure Entertainment, Rama Narayanan, Sri Thenandal Films, Sunir Kheterpal
Cast: Malavika Menon, Master Mahendran
Direction: Barathi Balakumaran
Screenplay: Barathi Balakumaran
Story: Barathi Balakumaran
Background score: James Vasanthan
Cinematography: UK Senthil Kumar
Dialogues: Raja Gurusamy
Editing: Praveen K. L, Srikanth N.B
Singers: Dakshayini, Gana Bala, Ilayaraja, Latha Krishna, Raghuram, Sathyaprakash, Sunandan, Theodore
Lyrics : Madhan Karky, Mohanrajan, Raja Gurusamy
PRO: Glamour Sathya

Vizha is an upcoming film directed by Bharathi Balakumaran and stars Master Mahendran and Malavika Menon in the lead. The film has music by James Vasanthan who has scored 6 songs written by Raja Gurusamy, Mohanrajan and Madhan Karky.

Madura Ennum
Singers: Dakshayini, Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Raja Gurusamy

A native aroma emanates from the feast of percussions that fill this opening track. The song remains every bit raw, rustic and true to its nature without making any cinematic compromises. Even the female vocalist’s scratchy singing fits in naturally within the song’s personality.

Ennacho Edhacho
Singers: Latha Krishna
Lyrics: Mohan Rajan

Constructed with simple harmonics the tune assumes a haunting effect, largely to the performance of Latha Krishna. The song does well to steer clear from being overly brooding.

Ennatha Solla
Singers: Latha Krishna, Sathyaprakash
Lyrics: Mohan Rajan

On the surface this may seem like just another folk duet with a peppy rhythm but James Vasanthan injects the tune with a hearty melody and some inspired bits of instrumental fills. Latha Krishna has plenty of opportunity on this entire album to showcase her diverse range of styles and she makes the most of it. Sathyaprakash sounds charming in her company.

Sethu Po
Singers: Gana Bala, Sunandan, Theodore
Lyrics: Madan Karky

A folk and electronic hybrid tune based on Ananda Bhairavi ragam is surely imaginative but does possess its dull moments. The song assumes a flow that is reminiscent of the classic ‘Pettai Rap’ but somewhere down the line the song suffers from not knowing what it wants to be as it traps itself while shape-shifting from one form to another. Gaana Bala finds himself part of yet another composition that aims to give gaana a unique identity.

Sollama Kollama
Singers: Bhargavi, Raghuram
Lyrics: Mohan Rajan

James Vasanthan’s true potential comes to the forefront here. The composer’s best moments seem to emerge from melodious folk tunes. In this particular song he is unrushed as he takes time to set up the melody and bring in the accompanying arrangements just at the right moment to lift the whole tune. Bhargavi and Raghuram compliment the orchestration excellently and amp it up on cue.

Singers: Latha Krishna
Lyrics: Mohan Rajan

A different presentation of a pathos number with the intermittent pounding of percussions, which could possibly be playing at the funeral procession of an important character. The unexpected marriage of the two contrasting styles and sounds does evoke a bit of interest.

Verdict: James Vasanthan decorates this soundtrack with a couple of beautiful folk melodies.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Vizha (aka) Vizha

Vizha (aka) Vizha is a Tamil movie with production by Azure Entertainment, Rama Narayanan, Sri Thenandal Films, Sunir Kheterpal, direction by Barathi Balakumaran, cinematography by UK Senthil Kumar, editing by Praveen K. L, Srikanth N.B. The cast of Vizha (aka) Vizha includes Malavika Menon, Master Mahendran.