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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Dec 18, 2018 07:33 PM
Woman allows body to be sliced into 27000 pieces

“My last will is to leave something behind that would have an impact on the whole human race.”

These were the words of Susan Potter, a woman who lived for 84 years, and decided to donate her body posthumously to be frozen and sliced into 27000 pieces- all to become a ‘digital cadaver’ and teach medical students.

When she thought that her end was near, she first read about the University of Colorado’s Human Simulation Project.

She decided to volunteer her body and also record the rest of her life to help medical students. Very proud and excited about her involvement with the project, she requested to see the saw that would eventually slice her. When the doctors worked on her, she wanted classical music in the background and fresh roses in the room.

She lived for another 15 years, before she lost her live to pneumonia in 2015. Her body was eventually cut up into 27,000 pieces, as per her request. The saw took 60 days to cut her into pieces, which were then preserved for over three years and photographed to be digitized in order to teach students.

Her entire journey has been documented by National Geographic and published in the January 2019 special issue, 'The Future of Medicine'.

According to a report in Daily Mirror, Potter got inspired after reading an article about the University of Colorado’s Human Simulation Project and their Visible human project and decided to donate her body for the cause, becoming the first ‘immortal corpse’