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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Nov 19, 2018 08:25 PM
Men hold anti MeToo march on International Mens Day

One of the most commonly asked questions today is: Are men being victimised in the ongoing #MeToo campaign?

Some men certainly think so! So, on the occasion of International Men's Day some of them marched on the streets of the national capital, seeking an end to what they see as a targeted attack on men during the #MeToo movement.

Organised by Save Family Foundation and Men Welfare Trust, two men's rights groups, the group of men marched through Delhi's Connaught Place area, demanding an end to the harassment of men. They chanted slogans like "men want justice," while holding placards which read, "Stop treating husband as an ATM"

The groups demanded that a Men's Commission should be set up at a national level, similar to the one set up for women.

"We are leading a peaceful march for the rights for men. Today, the men are in a very difficult situation. Especially if you look at the recent me too camping. The campaign has made it so easy to name and shame any man, without any proof or evidence. Men are being demonized without any fault of theirs," Wasif Ali, Co-founder of Save Family Foundation, and one of the organizers of the march said.

Ali also added that the media and the judicial system are biased against men when it comes to #metoo campaign.

"We want a 'Men's Commission' to address our concerns. Every year, double the number of men commits suicide than women. 90,000 men commit suicide in India every year, compared to 40,000 women. But there is no one to hear our concerns. There has to be a separate men's body," Ali added.


*Originally published in India Times*