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Album Release Date : Sep 25,2015
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Production: S. Michael Rayappan, Vetrimaaran
Cast: Adharvaa, Sri Divya
Direction: Ravi Arasu
Screenplay: Ravi Arasu
Story: Ravi Arasu
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Background score: GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Sravanan Abhimanyu
Editing: Raja Mohamed

Eetti is an upcoming film starring Atharvaa and Sri Divya in the lead roles. GV Prakash Kumar takes care of the music department for this Ravi Arasu directorial.

Singers: Hariharasudan
Lyrics: Yegadesi

A quirky track well laced with commonplace sounds such as a telephone ring fused effortlessly with the main composition. The vocals are feisty and festooned with good percussions and bass work. The overall composition has a refreshing flavor of Carnatic Raaga Suddha Dhanyasi blended with a faint touch of Reetigowla- which often invokes optimistic aura. Watch out for the timely use of flute and nadaswaram in the interludes as well! 

Un Swaaasam
Singers: GV Prakash Kumar, Maya, MC Vickey
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

It is time for a detour with an intriguing duet sung by composer G.V.Prakash Kumar himself. The passionate string section takes a front seat effortlessly garnished with feel good guitar strums. Just when the track gives an impression of a sweet sounding melody, the composer uses an effective Hip-Hop section which gives it a never-before-heard dimension. One can hear a tinge of classicism even in the rap tune, which is quite fun!

Naan Pudicha Mosakuttiyae
Singers: GV Prakash Kumar, Shakthisree Gopalan
Lyrics: Yegadesi

An unpretentiously brilliant folksy duet arrives next with a magical ambience in the form of refined rhythm and brilliant vocals. Usage of Harmonium is a cool masterstroke by the composer and takes the lead along with auspicious thavil and peppy nadaswaram. Shaktishree Gopalan gracefully follows the lead without attempting to get into the domain! There are various contrasting flavors in the second interlude which takes the listener to a realm of Western classical music.

Oru Thuli
Singers: Siddharth Mahadevan
Lyrics: Annamalai

A powerful track with the talented vocals of Siddharth Mahadevan is well empowered with catchy riffs and trance like atmosphere. The usage of electric guitar gives the track an inspirational feel which speaks for itself. Lyrics by Annamalai suit the scenario perfectly with timely usage of impressive words. Despite the irresistible 90s flavor, the track is quite gripping for its refreshing honesty.

Kuiyyo Muiyyo
Singers: KG Ranjith, Maalavika Sundar, Vandhana Srinivasan
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

A funky number comprising a syncopated rhythm and fun filled tune makes its presence well felt. What the composer does here is to give an electronica touch to a hummable tune which opens horizons for a new age fusion. However, the digitalization loses its hold as the track progresses further.

A Leap Of Faith
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

The album strikes a contemporary finale with an eerie instrumental having overload of riffs and anxious sequencing. In an attempt to sound too modern, the track pales down in the experimentation department.

Verdict: A decent album from GV Prakash that works at parts
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Eetti (aka) Eeti

Eetti (aka) Eeti is a Tamil movie with production by S. Michael Rayappan, Vetrimaaran, direction by Ravi Arasu, cinematography by Sravanan Abhimanyu, editing by Raja Mohamed. The cast of Eetti (aka) Eeti includes Adharvaa, Sri Divya.