Narathan (aka) Naradan songs review


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Album Release Date : May 16,2015
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Production: Sajith V. Nambiar, The Principal India, Vetrivel Film International
Cast: Nakul, Nikesha Patel
Direction: Naga Venkatesh
Screenplay: Naga Venkatesh
Story: Naga Venkatesh
Music: Mani Sharma
Background score: Mani Sharma

Narathan is an upcoming entertainer starring Nakul and Nikesha Patel in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Mani Sharma.

Mayakkara Manmadha
Singers: Karthik, NSK Ramya
Lyrics: Thiraivannan

A yesteryear sounding melody paves the beginnings for this album. NSK Ramya’s husky voice balances the ever sweet sounding Karthik. The bass work takes the front seat with vigor and confidence. The interludes are neatly laced with typical Mani Sharma’s strings and western classical symphony flavor as well. Despite the de-ja-vu it offers, the track makes a decent impact on the listener.

My Name Is Chandhrika
Singers: Narendhran, Sendhil Dass, Suchitra
Lyrics: Vivega

It is time for a sultry sojourn with Suchitra’s metallic voice for this foot tapping number. While the rhythm is quite impressive with lot of riffs and fills ups, the tune doesn’t have any changeover point to relish.  The usage of harmonica and Spanish Rumba guitar strums make the interludes feisty and jittery.

Saral Veesidum Neram
Singers: Haricharan, Rita
Lyrics: Vivega

A wonderful composition loosely based on Hindustani Raag Kaapi arrives next with classy vocals by Haricharan and husky voice of Rita. Surprisingly, this is a rehash of Mani Sharma’s Telugu number “Evaru Lerani Anaku” from Ek Niranjan released few years back. However, this version is presented as melodious and likeable as the original as it has a universal appeal.

Thada Thada
Singers: Gana Selvam, Mukesh, Priyadarshini
Lyrics: Sorikko

The melodious impact is changed over with a jolt to an extremely raw folk number with rustic rhythm section and a narrative presentation. Nevertheless, the track lacks the high voltage energy levels or novelty to get into the folksy groove.

Mayakkara Manmadha (Remix)
Singers: Karthik, NSK Ramya
Lyrics: Thiraivannan

The album hits a finale with a lounge remix of the husky duet. The sequencing is done quite well not to dominate the lead vocals or tamper the tune’s versatility. The usage of electric guitar is done with amazing mastery and perfection.  It wouldn’t be surprising to say that the remix appeals more than the original version!

Verdict: Narathan is a decent album from Mani Sharma. However, the former grandeur or novelty which is usually present in Mani Sharma albums pales down drastically in this.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Narathan (aka) Naradan

Narathan (aka) Naradan is a Tamil movie with production by Sajith V. Nambiar, The Principal India, Vetrivel Film International, direction by Naga Venkatesh. The cast of Narathan (aka) Naradan includes Nakul, Nikesha Patel.