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Album Release Date : Dec 10,2014
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Production: Akbar, Ameen
Cast: Aditi Chengappa, Ashraf, Baby Yuvina, Geetha Babu, Jayanth, JP Jay, Lawrence Ramu, Ravi Prakasam, Rethika
Direction: Prabu Yuvaraj
Music: Raj Aryan
Background score: Raj Aryan
Cinematography: R.Saravanan
Editing: Prem Boominathan
Stunt choreography: Dilip Subbarayan
Lyrics: Lawrence Ramu
PRO: Nikhil Murugan

Ra is an upcoming fantasy thriller film written by Ashraf and directed by newcomer Prabu Yuvaraj. Music for the film is composed by Raj Aryan. 

Singers: Karthik
Lyrics: Lawrence

A progressive track with heavy influence of new age music gets the Indian classical touch with Karthik’s voice. The lilting guitar, sweet sounding bass work and poetic lyrics pave the way for a feel good composition. 

Singers: M M Monissha, Nivas
Lyrics: Lawrence

The album gathers pace with a contemporary track backed by digitalized vocals and trance like orchestration. Despite the techno feel, the track has an emotional feel associated with it. The eerie interludes are equipped with moody chorus and carry the innocence of the composition well.

Ra Theme
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

An interesting musical take of a horror scenario is done amicably by the composer in this track. The Chennai Choir does a commendable job in creating a gripping track which sends chills down the listener’s spine.  The peculiar progress of piano base and wavering string section set the appropriate mood for the composition. 

Varuvaayo Then Malai Aval
Singers: Karthik
Lyrics: Lawrence

The unique aura of the album is maintained with a gripping solo from Karthik yet again. The rhythm section keeps the listener attentive, with good string section creating a peculiar musical ambience.  A haunting solo humming adds to this creepy atmosphere.  A fantastic flute rendition in Carnatic classical raaga Abheri stands as a highlight. 

Ye Pulla - Yean Usure
Singers: Lawrence, M M Monissha, Sadguru
Lyrics: Lawrence

It is time for a folk number in the midst of House Mix backdrop. The syncopated rhythm paves way for Hip-Hop vocals and the superimposition technique is used well. The track has heavy world music influence which is presented with indigenous nativity.

Ye Pulla- Yean Usure-2
Singers: Lawrence, M M Monissha, Sadguru
Lyrics: Lawrence

This version has mellowed electric guitar riffs as the base and gives a Hard Rock feel in this essential folk composition. Laid back yet effective drumming is another advantage of this experimental track.

Singers: Lawrence
Lyrics: Lawrence

A typical Hard Rock styled solo with angry vocals by Lawrence and passionate drumming. The lyrics make sure to create a scary ambience suiting the film’s theme. A special mention is needed for the eerie flute which makes its appearance in style.

Verdict: Ra is a peculiar fantasy themed album from Raj Aryan, which lacks the commercial grip!
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Ra (aka) Ra

Ra (aka) Ra is a Tamil movie with production by Akbar, Ameen, direction by Prabu Yuvaraj, cinematography by R.Saravanan, editing by Prem Boominathan. The cast of Ra (aka) Ra includes Aditi Chengappa, Ashraf, Baby Yuvina, Geetha Babu, Jayanth, JP Jay, Lawrence Ramu, Ravi Prakasam, Rethika.