Irumbu Kuthirai (aka) Irumbu Kuthirai songs review


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Album Release Date : Aug 06,2014
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Production: AGS Entertainment, Kalpathi S Aghoram
Cast: Atharvaa Murali, Priya Anand
Direction: Yuvaraj Bose
Screenplay: Yuvaraj Bose
Story: Yuvaraj Bose
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Background score: GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath
Lyrics: Thamarai
PRO: Nikhil

Irumbu Kuthirai is said to be an action packed movie directed by Yuvraj Bose starring Atharvaa, Priya Anand and Raai Lakshmi and the movie is banked by AGS Entertainment. G.V.Prakash Kumar takes charge of the music department.

Penne Penne
Singers: Bhavatharini Ilaiyaraja, G V Prakash Kumar, Yaazhini
Lyrics: Thamarai

This song gives you a heard-before feel but still manages to impress you. By far the best song of the album. G.V somehow manages to give one hit melody per album and the trend continues with this album too.

Ange Ippo Yena Seigiraai
Singers: M M Manasi, Mugdha Hasabnis, Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Thamarai

A song that targets the hep crowd with a lot of mixing gimmicks, most possibly a dream sequence with some funky beats and a lot of “Oh Oh Ohs”. Might take some time to lure in. 

Singers: , AR Raihanah, Priya Hemesh
Lyrics: Thamarai

AR Raihanah renders her voice for her son for the very first time in this dance number that travels in an unhurried pace. The use of Nadaswaram is evident throughout the song. This number could work provided the visuals make an impact.

Alay Paayum
Singers: Andrea Jeremiah, Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Thamarai

Starts with some casual funky beats. G.V.Prakash Kumar has used too many instruments that keep the listeners at bay in an otherwise pretty average number. The lilting guitar in the interlude gives a distinct touch.

Hello Brother
Singers: Chinna Ponnu, Ranjith, Suchitra
Lyrics: Pa Vijay

The item song of the album, a song you would be tempted to shrug off. It is an experimental song from the composer. The track is a blend of folk along with retro style music. Chinna Ponnu and Suchitra lend their voices for this item number.

Verdict: Another usual outing from GV !
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


Irumbu Kuthirai (aka) Irumbu Kuthirai

Irumbu Kuthirai (aka) Irumbu Kuthirai is a Tamil movie with production by AGS Entertainment, Kalpathi S Aghoram, direction by Yuvaraj Bose, cinematography by Gopi Amarnath. The cast of Irumbu Kuthirai (aka) Irumbu Kuthirai includes Atharvaa Murali, Priya Anand.