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Album Release Date : Jun 05,2014
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Production: Sri Green Productions, Studio 9 Production, Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Cast: Aksha Pardasany, Vijay Antony
Direction: N V Nirmal Kumar
Screenplay: N V Nirmal Kumar
Story: N V Nirmal Kumar
Music: Vijay Antony
Background score: Vijay Antony
Cinematography: Ganesh Chandra
Editing: M V Rajesh Kumar
Art direction: Vinod Raveendran
Stunt choreography: Billa Jagan
Dance choreography: Prasanna
PRO: Nikkil Murugan

Salim will see Vijay Antony don the greasepaint again after his acting debut in Naan. The film is directed by N.V. Nirmal Kumar and introduces Aksha in Tamil as a heroine. Vijay Antony is also the film's music director.

Singers: Yusuf
Lyrics: Traditional

The album begins in an auspicious manner with a traditional Muslim prayer performed well by Yusuf. The bass work and usage of traditional string instruments give it a spiritual and calming feel.

Unnai Kanda Naal Mudhal
Singers: Hemachandra, Srinivasan, Supriya Joshi
Lyrics: Annamalai

The album quickly changes to a contrasting trance mode reminding the listener of a popular Robert Miles track. The melody and the singers make sure that the influence can be overlooked. Hemachandra in particular is at his usual best.

Avala Nambithan
Singers: Emcee Jesz, Mahalingam
Lyrics: Gaana Bala

Another dance floor friendly tune arrives with a remix of the all time classic 'Siva Shambo' from Ninaithaale Inikkum. The usage of electric guitar gives the track a power packed feel. The singer isn’t a match for MSV’s energy in the original but nevertheless performs well. Gaana Bala's lyrics are an asset to the tune.

Mascara Pottu
Singers: Sharmila, Supriya Joshi, Vijay Antony
Lyrics: Priyan

The inevitable kuthu style of Vijay Anthony makes its presence here with interesting rhythm blended with rap lyrics. This track is the most fun-filled in the whole album as it packs a punch.

Ulagam Unnai
Singers: Prabhu Pandala
Lyrics: Annamalai

The album's finale is an ominous track sung well by Prabhu Pandala. The Arabic flavor makes its impact felt with great violins, string instruments and mellowed treble.

Verdict: A mixed bag from Vijay Antony.
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


Salim (aka) Salim

Salim (aka) Salim is a Tamil movie with production by Sri Green Productions, Studio 9 Production, Vijay Antony Film Corporation, direction by N V Nirmal Kumar, cinematography by Ganesh Chandra, editing by M V Rajesh Kumar. The cast of Salim (aka) Salim includes Aksha Pardasany, Vijay Antony.