Poovarasam Peepee (aka) Poovarasam PeePee songs review


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Album Release Date : May 14,2014
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Production: DR Sujatha Chenthilnathan, Manoj Paramahamsa
Cast: Gaurav Kaalai, Pravin Kishore, Vasanth
Direction: Halitha Shameem
Screenplay: Halitha Shameem
Story: Halitha Shameem
Music: Aruldev
Background score: Aruldev
Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamasa
Dialogues: Halitha Shameem
Editing: Halitha Shameem
Art direction: T Muthuraj
Lyrics: Halitha Shameem
PRO: Johnson
Distribution: SPI Cinemas

Poovarasam Peepee is an upcoming children’s adventure film written and directed by Halitha Shameem. Music for the film is composed by Aruldev.

Enakkonndrum Vaanveli
Singers: Aajeedh
Lyrics: Halitha Shameem

An interesting blend of carnatic flavor with feel good western orchestration consisting of sitar, guitar strums and beautiful string section is supported by an impressive rhythm. Aajeedh has a fresh and raw voice which suits the track perfectly. The string section follows the lead while the interludes are admirably woven with the lilting strings.

Gnayiru Dhinagalin
Singers: Abhay Jodhpurkar
Lyrics: Halitha Shameem

The breezy beginning continues with this track sung sweetly by Abhay Jodhpurkar. The mild guitar strums with grand piano are brilliantly blended with sitar as well. The usage of carnatic violin as the track progresses by is another inspired touch by the composer. The lyrics too deserve a special mention.

Theme Music
Singers: Instrumental

An aggressive instrumental track composed with electric guitar, symphony and a superior string section represents the energy and the adventurous nature of the film. The usage of church bells as a base is another interesting aspect of the tune.

En Ulagam
Singers: Karthik
Lyrics: Halitha Shameem

A soft melody with a blend of grand piano and impactful symphony arrives in the confident voice of Karthik, sincerely following the soulful composition.

Angry Birds
Singers: Aajeedh, Gautham, Ranjith
Lyrics: Halitha Shameem

An eerie composition where the powerful vocal performance from Ranjith and the back up singers is well arranged with the peculiar orchestration that's laden with heavy symphony and strings. The orchestration makes sure the aggression and the energy is well showcased. The transformation of rhythm from the drum section to guitar strums is another highlight to the track.

Ko Ko Ko
Singers: Aajeedh, Gautham, Ishwarya, Reagan, Swetha, Vignesh
Lyrics: Halitha Shameem

A peppy track with energetic local rhythms and trumpets accompany the lively vocal performances from the talented group of young singers. The violin and bass guitar gracefully joins the composition giving the track an overall festive atmosphere. There is a strange middle eastern flavor associated with the track as well.

Gnayiru Dhinagalin (Karthik Version)
Singers: Karthik
Lyrics: Halitha Shameem

The breeziest track of the album arrives again in Karthik’s voice now with no change in the original arrangement.

Verdict: True to the movie, the album is sweetly adventurous in its music.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Poovarasam Peepee (aka) Poovarasam PeePee

Poovarasam Peepee (aka) Poovarasam PeePee is a Tamil movie with production by DR Sujatha Chenthilnathan, Manoj Paramahamsa, direction by Halitha Shameem, cinematography by Manoj Paramahamasa, editing by Halitha Shameem. The cast of Poovarasam Peepee (aka) Poovarasam PeePee includes Gaurav Kaalai, Pravin Kishore, Vasanth.