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Album Release Date : Mar 20,2014
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Production: Mubina Rattonsey, N Subash Chandra Bose, Santosh Sivan
Cast: Janaki, Karan, Karunaas, MK Vijayan, Saritha, Shyam Sundar, Sugandha Ram, Vikram Chakravarthy
Direction: Santosh Sivan
Screenplay: S Sasikumaran, Santosh Sivan, Sharanya Rajagopal
Story: Santosh Sivan
Music: Vishal Chandrashekar
Background score: Vishal Chandrashekar
Cinematography: Santosh Sivan
Dialogues: Aarthi, Shyam Sundar, Siva Kumar
Editing: TS Suresh
Art direction: Sunil Babu
Lyrics: Charukesh Sekar, Karunaas
Distribution: Thirrupathy Brothers

Inam is an upcoming drama from the celebrated cinematographer and director Santosh Sivan. Music for the film is composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar.

Kolusum Illa
Singers: Vishal Chandrashekhar
Lyrics: Charukesh Sekar

The album opens in the voice of the composer himself. The mellowed guitar rhythm chugs along in the background serving as the track's backbone. A strong vocal melody sits on its surface and the mood is enhanced by some skillful bass playing. The seriousness of the track is brought out by the machine gun percussions.

Tsunami Akka’s Theme
Singers: Resmi Sateesh
Lyrics: Folklore

Resmi Sateesh stands out for her unique folk tinged voice which gets better as it progresses. The song features a lively melody that’s robbed by the mood of despair and though the rhythm sounds familiar the composition does leave a lasting impact on the listener. Moreover the song highlights the production quality of the entire album.

Dosa Baila
Singers: Karunas
Lyrics: Karunas

A tearaway baila brings back Karunas into the spotlight as a singer-song writer. The mood is definitely celebratory even if the jaunty performance may recall the legendary Chandrababu, but the dosa patronage is worthy enough to get you going.

Nandan’s Theme
Singers: Instrumental

The nonchalant whistling and the crescendo of strings lead the way for this impactful track. The pairing of the lurking strings and the threatening bass makes for a deadly combination.

Rajini’s Turmoil
Singers: Instrumental

This instrumental track begins with a peculiar sounding rhythm from what sound like bamboo sticks leading to haunting vocals stirring up the listening experience. The track sounds like a never ending journey in which turmoil is inevitable.

Burning Rage
Singers: Instrumental

Another eerie instrumental track which speaks in depth about the mounting tension and emotions - justifying the track title. Galvanizing string sections welcome a horn like musical instrument which gives a brilliant effect. Vishal C gives his orchestra a menacing role to play but he smartly leaves a melody behind to digest.

The Monk
Singers: Instrumental

A meditative deep end sound fills your headspace along with the instrumental accompaniments orchestrated in a fashion that spells Vishal C's talent and immersive approach to this soundtrack.

The War
Singers: Instrumental

The musical ambience for war is set with haunting blend of angry string sections, with a riff of pan flute and mellowed treble sounds. The track is breathtakingly conceived by the composer offering a fine display of how war can be portrayed through music. 

Verdict: Enchanting melodies and intense instrumentals!
( 3.0 / 5.0 )


Inam (aka) Ceylon

Inam (aka) Ceylon is a Tamil movie with production by Mubina Rattonsey, N Subash Chandra Bose, Santosh Sivan, direction by Santosh Sivan, cinematography by Santosh Sivan, editing by TS Suresh. The cast of Inam (aka) Ceylon includes Janaki, Karan, Karunaas, MK Vijayan, Saritha, Shyam Sundar, Sugandha Ram, Vikram Chakravarthy.