Thegidi (aka) Thegidi songs review


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Album Release Date : Feb 05,2014
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Production: C. V. Kumar
Cast: Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer, Jayakumar, Jayaprakash, Kaali, Pradeep Nair, Rajan Iyer, Sai, Sivakumar, Soundarajan
Direction: P. Ramesh
Screenplay: P. Ramesh
Story: P. Ramesh
Music: Nivas Prasanna
Background score: Nivas Prasanna
Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan
Dialogues: P Ramesh
Editing: Leo John Paul
Art direction: SS Murphy
Stunt choreography: Billa Jagan
Singers: Abhay Jodhpurkar, Ajesh Ashok, Andrea, Saindhavi Praksh, Sathya Prakash Dharmar, Shankar Mahadeva, Veena By Rajesh Vaidhya
Lyrics: Kabilan, Kurinchi Prabha
PRO: Nikhil
Distribution: Thirukumaran Entertainment

Thegidi is an upcoming mystery thriller starring Ashok Selvan and Janani Iyer. Written and Directed by Ramesh, the film has music by Nivas Prasanna.

Yaar Ezhudhiyadho
Singers: Sathya Prakash Dharmar
Lyrics: Kabilan

A carefully constructed tune with a modern take on the Carnatic raagam Abheri, despite a few deviations in the interludes, houses an unexpectedly charming progression in the melody which elevates the composition each time the moment arrives. The song features an immersive vocal performance from Sathya Prakash and also introduces the proficient backing band which plays a large role in this album.

Neeyun Dhinam
Singers: Andrea
Lyrics: Kurinchi Prabha

A moody and mysterious sounding down-tempo tune possessing an air of tension with its intermittent violins, haunting piano notes and muted segments. Andrea’s soul singing set to the noir sound does manage to get under your skin. The precise use of the theme-like chorus adds magnificence.

Vinmeen Vithaiyil
Singers: Abhay Jodhpurkar, Saindhavi Praksh
Lyrics: Kabilan

Coming in the form of yet another fine interpretation of Abheri, the opening Piano notes make way for some deft and delightful guitar work. The clever stop-starts and the interplay beautifully highlight the potency of a solid band. As much as the singers stand in the forefront with their impeccable performance, the role of the enterprising backing band can in no way be undermined as they contribute strongly to the dynamics of this composition. This track in particular would deem fit as an ideal way to bring the charismatic nature of funk and rock music to the door step of the regional audience.

Kangalai Oru
Singers: Ajesh Ashok
Lyrics: Kabilan

The flute’s build up works well for this sorrowful tune that doesn’t overstay its welcome. The bass and string section provide the additional drama along with Ajesh’s emotive performance.

Needhaanea Needhaanea
Singers: Shankar Mahadeva, Veena by Rajesh Vaidhya
Lyrics: Kabilan

Shankar Mahadevan begins on a dark and serious note with the band lurking in the background waiting to burst through. The big bang however comes in the form of Rajesh Vaidhya’s processed Veena solos which definitely stand as one of the album’s highlights. Again the band’s playing is super tight and the individual flourishes thrown in by the musicians give this Sindhu Bhairavi based composition a live feel. Shankar on the other hand is given a melody that sees him employing his complete range and delivering a powerhouse performance.

Verdict: Nivas Prasanna, with a superb backing band, has put together a brilliant debut album.
( 3.5 / 5.0 )


Thegidi (aka) Thegidi

Thegidi (aka) Thegidi is a Tamil movie with production by C. V. Kumar, direction by P. Ramesh, cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan, editing by Leo John Paul. The cast of Thegidi (aka) Thegidi includes Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer, Jayakumar, Jayaprakash, Kaali, Pradeep Nair, Rajan Iyer, Sai, Sivakumar, Soundarajan.