Vaaraayo Vennilaave (aka) Vaaraayo Vennilaave songs review


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Album Release Date : Apr 05,2014
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Production: P Ramesh, T Immanuel
Cast: Dinesh, Hari Priya, Kavya Shetty
Direction: R Sasitharan
Screenplay: R Sasitharan
Story: R Sasitharan
Music: Karthik Raja
Background score: Karthik Raja
Cinematography: Raana
Dialogues: R Sasitharan
Editing: Ganesh Babu, VT Vijayan
Art direction: Tha Ramalingam
Stunt choreography: Michael
Dance choreography: Rajvimal, Robert
Lyrics: Kabilan, Pa Vijay
PRO: Mounam Ravi

Produced by Abhishek Films Vaaraayo Vennilaave is an upcoming romantic film starring Attakathi Dinesh, Haripriya and Thambi Ramaiah among others. The film is written and directed by R.Sasidharan with music by Karthik Raja.

En Kadhal
Singers: Aditi Paul, Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Kabilan

The album begins with a breezy melody having a heavy influence of Ilayaraja’s 90s compositions and the Maestro himself sings it along with the talented Aditi Paul. The earthiness is greatly evident throughout the progress and the vocalists make sure they give their best for the track. Interludes are well laden with strings, violin and great orchestration. The changeover in the charanam gives the best touch for the overall composition.

En Kadhal (Reprise)
Singers: Pony Prakash Raj
Lyrics: Kabilan

The reprise version of the haunting melody is performed by Pony Prakash Raj next. While the earlier version has an intense impact on the listener, this version puts the listener into a slow trance mode.  The lilting piano is put to best use to create the mellowed trance effect without any hurry at all. It is interesting to see rhythm generated with just the lilting piano. Despite being shorter than the original version, it manages to make a lasting impact on the listener.

Kannadi Parkkama
Singers: Satyan, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Pa Vijay

The album shifts to modern jazz mode with a plethora of jazzy instruments and orchestration in the midst of Yuvan Shankar Raja’s voice. The track gives the much needed pace for the album with foot tapping rhythm and loads of electronic sounds which are never over done. The second interlude stands out with the usage of keyboard in the blend of modern jazz along with the trance genre.

Ambaani Ponnu
Singers: Gaana Bala
Lyrics: Kabilan

A kuthu song in the inimitable voice of Gana Baala follows next. The rhythm is fun filled with good bass work support and the vocalist does the rightful justice for a vigor filled track of this sort. The blend of kuthu and modern jazz is something quite challenging and Karthik Raja's experimentation works fine. The minimal bass work touches make the track even more appealing.

Unnidam Ondrai
Singers: Aditi Paul, Haricharan, Saindhavi
Lyrics: Pa Vijay

A piano based lilting melody appears with a heavy dose of symphony and string section arranged brilliantly by the composer. The piano touches throughout the track stand out as unique and the rhythm is essentially western classical based. The vocalists do a wonderful job with the changeover rhythms which add to the track’s progress.

Uyir Ennum
Singers: Madhushree, Rita, Senthildas
Lyrics: Pa Vijay

A beautiful solo with a slight feel of carnatic raaga Hamsanaadam blended with a rustic touch arrives next. The rhythm is mellowed and Madhushree gives her sweetest best for the track. The interludes are essentially classy with the modern effects which sound extraordinary. The charanam offers the listener a lovely melody in the midst of mellowed rhythms.

Intha Aylesa
Singers: Haricharan, Ramya NSK, Ranjith
Lyrics: Pa Vijay

The album reaches a grand finale with a kuthu rhythm based track infused with electronic sounds. Though the track appeals to be high on energy and aggression, too many instruments overshadow the vocalists throughout. The bass work is done very well and the interludes have a good riff points.

Verdict: Karthik Raja's flair makes a statement.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Vaaraayo Vennilaave (aka) Vaaraayo Vennilaave

Vaaraayo Vennilaave (aka) Vaaraayo Vennilaave is a Tamil movie with production by P Ramesh, T Immanuel, direction by R Sasitharan, cinematography by Raana, editing by Ganesh Babu, VT Vijayan. The cast of Vaaraayo Vennilaave (aka) Vaaraayo Vennilaave includes Dinesh, Hari Priya, Kavya Shetty.