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Album Release Date : Jun 13,2014
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Production: Camphor Cinema
Cast: Abbas, Abhinay, Bhama, Kevin McGowen, Nizhalgal Ravi, Suhasini Maniratnam, Y Gee Mahendran
Direction: Gnana Rajasekaran
Screenplay: Gnana Rajasekaran
Story: Gnana Rajasekaran
Music: Ramesh Vinayagam
Background score: Ramesh Vinayagam
Cinematography: Sunny Joseph
Dialogues: Gnana Rajasekaran
Editing: B Lenin

Ramanujan is an upcoming Tamil-English biopic based on the life of Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. The film is directed by Gnana Rajasekaran and features Abhinay Vaddi and Bhama in lead roles. Music is by Ramesh Vinayakam.

Singers: Karthik Suresh, Vani Jayaram
Lyrics: Vaali

The album begins with a beautiful devotional track performed earnestly by veteran singer Vani Jayaram. The composition has a beautiful Hindustani touch in terms of percussions, strings and the chants. Lyrics by legendary lyricist Vaali add the distinct mythological touch. The young voice of Karthik Suresh gives a fresh essence and toes well with the overall composition.

Thuli Thuliyay
Singers: Ramesh Vinayakam, Vinaya
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

The singers Ramesh Vinayakam and Vinaya outperform each other in this relaxing melody which is drenched in classicism. The piano rhythm in the midst of mellowed bells, sarod, tabla comes together to prepare a musical feast composed in the Hindustani raag Dwijavanthi.

Singers: Unnikrishnan
Lyrics: Thirumazhisai Alwar

The classicism travels West on this tune which exploits Unnikrishnan's complete range and talent. The arrangement of strings and symphonic sounds create an aura around the lyrical intent which detail the prowess of Ramanujan.

Mystic Mind
Singers: Instrumental

Beautiful grand piano notes open the doors to a steadily building grand western classical symphony. The changeover in the rhythm is well handled offering different dynamics to the composition.

Ramanujan (Theme)
Singers: Instrumental

The album continues its purist approach with yet another western classical piece. The composition does have an irresistible Colonial British feel associated with it, making it a very pleasurable listen.

English Notes
Singers: Instrumental

The western classical symphony reaches a crescendo with progressive notes and graceful violin. The composition sounds like an adventurous journey which involves challenges, happiness and optimism. One of the brightest aspects of the composition is the base symphony which religiously follows the lead and yet breaks the rule- true to the character of Ramanujan himself!

One to Zero
Singers: Instrumental

The album comes to a close in typical fashion with yet another masterfully constructed symphony piece. The base violins and clarinet stand out as defining moments in the composition making their presence strikingly felt.

Thuli Thuliyay (Alternate Version)
Singers: Kaushiki Chakrabarty, Ramesh Vinayakam
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

The intricately designed melody returns with Hindustani vocal exponent Kaushiki Chakrabarty joining Ramesh Vinayakam. While she brings a beautiful innocence to the track, she certainly deserves a very special mention for her confident Tamil diction despite being a Bengali by origin. However, the orchestration remains same as the previous version.

Verdict: Ramanujan enthralls the listener by transporting them to a bygone era of classical music.
( 3.0 / 5.0 )


Ramanujan (aka) Ramanujan

Ramanujan (aka) Ramanujan is a Tamil movie with production by Camphor Cinema, direction by Gnana Rajasekaran, cinematography by Sunny Joseph, editing by B Lenin. The cast of Ramanujan (aka) Ramanujan includes Abbas, Abhinay, Bhama, Kevin McGowen, Nizhalgal Ravi, Suhasini Maniratnam, Y Gee Mahendran.