Sarabham (aka) Sarabam songs review


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Album Release Date : Jun 20,2014
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Production: CV Kumar, Thirukumaran Entertainment
Cast: Naveen Chandra, Salony Luthra
Direction: Arun Mohan
Screenplay: Arun Mohan
Story: Arun Mohan
Music: Britto Michael
Background score: Britto Michael
Cinematography: Krishnan Vasanth
Dialogues: Arun Mohan
Editing: Leo John Paul
Art direction: Gopi Anand
Lyrics: GKB, Kurinchi Prabha
PRO: Nikkil Murugan
Distribution: Abinesh Elangovan

Sarabham is an upcoming film under CV Kumar's banner of Thirukumaran Entertainment. The film stars Naveen Chandra and Salony Luthra in the lead with an experience support cast. The film is written and directed by Arun Mohan with music by Britto Michael.

Bodhayil Pathal Marum
Singers: Anthony Dasan, Britto Michael
Lyrics: Kurinchi Prabha

The album begins with a distinct flavor of fusion between Carnatic music, folk and modern orchestration. The electronic effects in the first interlude create an unsettling atmosphere. The second interlude has a dash of fusion with distorted guitar and sitar sections.

Singers: Usha Uthup
Lyrics: Kurinchi Prabha

The eerie ambience continues with a solo track sung by the diva Usha Uthup. Electric guitars along with the growing string section joins hands with the punchy rhythm of the drum track. Known best for her racy songs and disco grooves Usha Uthup is drawn towards the dark side on this song.

Pudhidhai Oru Iravu
Singers: Andrea Jeremiah, Britto Michael
Lyrics: GKB

A brighter song appears in the form of this composition that’s richer in melody compared to the other songs on the album. Andrea Jeremiah gives a stylish rendition supported well by Britto Michael. Britto throws up interesting electronic grooves but its clarity seems to be lost in the mix.

Sarabham Theme
Singers: Psycho Unit, Rabbit Mac
Lyrics: Psycho Unit, Rabbit Mac

The theme track is a heavy concoction of straight up hard rock riffs and rhythms. More percussions are introduced to add to the intensity of the strings.

Verdict: Dark and swirling mix of slightly overworked songs.
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


Sarabham (aka) Sarabam

Sarabham (aka) Sarabam is a Tamil movie with production by CV Kumar, Thirukumaran Entertainment, direction by Arun Mohan, cinematography by Krishnan Vasanth, editing by Leo John Paul. The cast of Sarabham (aka) Sarabam includes Naveen Chandra, Salony Luthra.