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Sarabham - Trailer Review

Will CV Kumar deliver again?

May 19, 2014

CV Kumar’s projects spell difference not just in the content but also in the title. After Thegidi (meaning Deception), now it’s the time of Sarabham.

In the Youtube page of Thirukumaran Entertainment, the team has posted the meaning of Sarabham: Sarabham (Yali) is a mythical creature seen in many Hindu temples, often sculpted onto the pillars. It is a motif in Indian art and it has been widely used in South Indian sculpture with a lion physique and bird wing combination to portray the enormous power of the creature.

The trailer says, “I am an architect of my own disaster.” The quote in every sense fits the character profile of the protagonist – Naveen. There are even shots of him hanging upside down, and being tortured. Even the heroine, debutant Salony looked intelligent, and seemed to have a meaty role.

Sarabham promises, and hope it delivers just like other CV Kumar projects do.

Written by Mithun


Sarabham - Trailer Review

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