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Album Release Date : Jul 01,2015
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Production: VJ Productions
Cast: Gaurav, Kavya Shetty
Direction: Vijay Vilvakrish
Screenplay: Vijay Vilvakrish
Story: Vijay Vilvakrish
Music: Sundaramurthy KS
Background score: Sundaramurthy KS
Cinematography: Kugan S Palani
Editing: Athiappan Siva

Avam is an upcoming movie directed by Vijay Vilvakrish starring Gaurav, Kavya Shetty and MS Bhaskar in pivotal roles. Kamal Haasan has rendered his voice for one of the songs. Madhan Karky has penned the lyrics for all the songs in the album composed by Sundaramurthy KS.

Singers: MC Vickey
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Dub-step in full swing, the intoxicated track might take some time to sink in, but along with the visuals, the track is bound to create all the noise.

Yaen Yennai
Singers: Shweta Mohan
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Shweta Mohan’s flawless voice for an expressive song has a country music feel to it. Tabla and harmonies reduce the complexities for a heart-warming song.

Singers: Kamal Haasan
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

This is a progressive metal song packaged by the strokes of the violin and double-bass drumming with absolute precision. This song gets an international appeal to it, thanks to Karky's meaningful lyrics on the haunting past and Kamal's deep voice. The guitar riffs, changing rhythm signatures and the production quality give a top-class genre' specific song that'll remain to be one of the most original works in Tamil cinema. We've heard the soulful Yaar Yaar Sivam, powerful Neruppu Vaayinil and the light-classical Kamal in Uttama Villain, but this particular song Kaarirulae will earn to be one of the best renditions by Kamal.

Sana Sana
Singers: Sathya Prakash, Suchith Suresan
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

A sing-along track with an original and refreshing treatment from the music director. Differentiating the lead from the group singing idealizes the situation and also justifies the lyrics. Subtle improvisations for the tune make it an easy listen.

Avam The Theme
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

How about an electronic Veena for a dorky theme track? First-timer Sundaramurthy is using the depth of classical music for a pulsating composition. The guitars, slapping on the bass and modified sound effects deliver a real-tight package.

Verdict: First timer Sundaramurthy KS appeals with a prog-rock album!
( 3.0 / 5.0 )


Avam (aka) Avam

Avam (aka) Avam is a Tamil movie with production by VJ Productions, direction by Vijay Vilvakrish, cinematography by Kugan S Palani, editing by Athiappan Siva. The cast of Avam (aka) Avam includes Gaurav, Kavya Shetty.