Papanasam (aka) Paapanasam songs review


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Album Release Date : Jun 22,2015
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Production: Rajkumar Theatres Private Limited, Wide Angle Creations
Cast: Gautami, Kalabhavan Mani, Kamal Haasan, Nivetha Thomas
Direction: Jeethu Joseph
Screenplay: Jeethu Joseph
Story: Jeethu Joseph
Music: Ghibran
Background score: Ghibran
Cinematography: Sujith Vaassudev
Dialogues: Jeyamohan
Editing: Ayoob Khan
Art direction: Rembon Balraj
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar
PRO: Nikkil

Papanasam is an official remake of blockbuster Malayalam film Drishyam. This film stars Ulaganayagan and Gautami in the lead roles. Ghibran takes care of the music department for this film directed by Jeethu Joseph and produced by Wide Angle Creations and Rajkumar Theatres Private Limited.

Yeya En Kottikkaaraa
Singers: Malavika Anilkumar, Sundar Narayana Rao
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

The perennial symphonic arrangement from Ghibran proves to be a winner. The treble voices, the Kanjira, the Ghatam, the harmonies and the string sessions create an ambience expressing love and bonding.

Vinaa Vinaa
Singers: Hariharan
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

To Ghibran’s melodious music, here is the softest voice on earth, Hariharan, lending weightage.  Accolades to Ghibran for retaining the musicianship in his interludes and sticking to the catchiness in the Pallavi alone. Creating a trans like world by using unconventional instruments is becoming Ghibran’s forte. The sudden changeover into rock during the interlude is pure genius.

Papanasam Theme
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

Like a continuation to Uttama Villain, the theme track is high on symphony. Especially the string sessions and the chord progression suggest a lot of emotion dwelling into the story.

Kill for Life
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

An eerie feeling is created when the bow stretches the string really hard. The brass section and the Timpani’s bass take us into a dark hole.

The Bond of Family
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

This is the softer version of the Yeya En Kottakaaraa. Ghibran’s understanding of the Western classical is no easy feat. Special attention paid on the accents while playing the instrument differentiates his work from the rest.

A Sinking Car
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

A basic note overlapping another tune is multilayered and complex. The composition creates the urge and the purpose behind such a treatment.

The Police Investigation
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

Controlled bowing levitates the tune into a point of no return. Highly dramatized rhythm progression of the track is startling and Hollywood like.

This is me - Suyambulingam
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

Enforcing a feel of accomplishment, the chorus, hope-giving strings and the voice along with the pianos and the drumming give a full-fledged feel.

Verdict: An OST driven album which will work better with visuals!
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Papanasam (aka) Paapanasam

Papanasam (aka) Paapanasam is a Tamil movie with production by Rajkumar Theatres Private Limited, Wide Angle Creations, direction by Jeethu Joseph, cinematography by Sujith Vaassudev, editing by Ayoob Khan. The cast of Papanasam (aka) Paapanasam includes Gautami, Kalabhavan Mani, Kamal Haasan, Nivetha Thomas.