Vizhithiru (aka) Vizhithiru songs review


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Album Release Date : Jun 21,2015
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Production: Mainstream Cinema Productions, Shoundaryan Pictures
Cast: Baby Sarah, Dhansika, Erica Fernandes, Krishna, T Rajendar, Thambi Ramaiah , Venkat Prabhu, Vidharth
Direction: Meera Kathiravan
Screenplay: Meera Kathiravan
Story: Meera Kathiravan
Music: Sathyan Mahalingam
Background score: Sathyan Mahalingam

Vizhithiru is an upcoming entertainer starring Krishna and Vidharth along with Venkat Prabhu in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Satyan Mahalingam

Stay Awake
Singers: C Sathya, Satyan Mahalingam, SS Thaman, Tha Prophecy
Lyrics: Subramaniam Nandi, Tha Prophecy

This refreshing album hits the dance floor right on the go with a trendy party number ladled with ghatam sounds and velvety hip-hop rhythms. The incredible trendiness of the track sets the right mood with its impressive aura. The groovy interludes are another asset for this stylish number. To say in a single phrase, this track speaks about the laidback yet youthful nature of nightfall.

Vellai Irave
Singers: GV Prakash, Ramya NSK
Lyrics: Dhamayandhi, Tha Prophecy

This masterfully crafted duet is well equipped with romantic guitar strums and soothing chorus leading to a sultry tune sung well by the vocalists. Despite the singing being utterly westernized, it makes an amicable impact on the listener for its perfection. The chord progression takes us to an unexplored island on the Caribbean seashore with its tantalizing persona. Watch out for the mesmerizing saxophone solo in the first interlude!

Singers: Priyadharshini, T Rajendar
Lyrics: T Rajendar

The album gets back its folksy energy with an outright kuthu number laced with husky lead vocals and feisty trumpets.  However, the repetitive tune falters as the track progresses by leading to a paled down thump factor. The interludes have a strange 90s feel blended with contemporary house mix sounds.

Aazhi Alai (F)
Singers: Vaikom Vijayalakshmi
Lyrics: Satyan Mahalingam

An introspective solo with fantastic chord progression usage of trombone and clarinet is a masterstroke by the composer. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi nails it perfectly with her unpretentious rendition making no mistakes! A special mention should be made for the emotionally gripping lyrics as well. This can be termed as the most soulful track of this album.

Pon Vidhi
Singers: Santhosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Subramaniam Nandi

It is time to enter the funky universe with peculiar bass work and action packed chorus leading to the superior vocals of Anthony Dassan himself. The storytelling manner of the composition is unleashed at its best in terms of retro genres coupled effectively with indigenous music forms.

Aazhi Alai (M)
Singers: Alphonse
Lyrics: Satyan Mahalingam

The soulful number makes its presence again with a new dimension in different vocals now. While Vaikom’s version speaks of emotional quotient, this speaks of pain and despair in musical terms. However, the orchestration remains the same as the first version.

Kolai Vaall
Singers: Sri Charan, Sunandhan, Vijay Antony
Lyrics: Paavendar Bharathidasan, Satyan Mahalingam

A signature finale is established with this action packed number where the Hip-Hop rhythm takes the front seat. The recurring digital sounds and metallic voice suit the track perfectly leading to dubstep and Rap. One can also hear the 80s styled Pop riffs throughout the progress. The interludes create a musically eerie atmosphere quite subtly. 

Verdict: Vizhithiru is an interesting album from singer turned composer Satyan Mahalingam
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Vizhithiru (aka) Vizhithiru

Vizhithiru (aka) Vizhithiru is a Tamil movie with production by Mainstream Cinema Productions, Shoundaryan Pictures, direction by Meera Kathiravan. The cast of Vizhithiru (aka) Vizhithiru includes Baby Sarah, Dhansika, Erica Fernandes, Krishna, T Rajendar, Thambi Ramaiah , Venkat Prabhu, Vidharth.