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Album Release Date : Jul 01,2015
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Production: G Dillibabu
Cast: Kalayarasan, Reshmi Menon, Simhaa
Direction: Sakthivel Perumalsamy
Screenplay: Sakthivel Perumalsamy
Story: Sakthivel Perumalsamy
Music: Achu
Background score: Achu
Cinematography: Ravindranath Guru
Editing: San Lokesh
Art direction: Vinoth Rajkumar
Stunt choreography: K Ganesh Kumar
Dance choreography: Nanda
Lyrics: Antony Dassan, Kavin
PRO: CN Kumar

Urumeen is an upcoming film starring Bobby Simhaa, Kalaiyarasan and Reshmi Menon in the lead roles. Achu takes care of the music department for this film directed by Sakthivel Perumalsamy. 

Baby Baby
Singers: Anthony Daasan
Lyrics: Mani Amudhavan

A soft-folk song dealt with a powerful voice by Anthony Daasan. Noticeable novelty from the guitarist is a relief from the regular riffs. Rhythm arrangement is a huge plus to the handy track.

Hey Umayaal
Singers: Vijay Yesudas
Lyrics: kavin

The talented Vijay Yesudas’s voice is put to best possible use after a long time. With the strokes of the Violin setting a pace, the R n B template in the chords and the enterprising rhythm arrangement gel well with the harmonies for a touchy track.

Siru Nadai
Singers: Karthik
Lyrics: kavin

A complete melody requires an infectious tune to start with and then comes the kind of instruments used for a strong rhyme scheme. Karthik’s voice coincides with the composition and creates a magic. Shakers, Pianos and Violin do the trick.

Yaadhum Oorae
Singers: Guna, Kamalaja Rajagopal, Rohan Prakash
Lyrics: Kaniyan Poongunranar

Beginning on a psychedelic note, the screeching trumpet, mournful guitars, the double bass and the Punk drumming with high pitched toms show experiment. The prog-rock breaking down into a regular rock is the work of a creative genius. This song is technically sound and structurally brilliant.

Siru Nadai (Reprise)
Singers: Roshni Suresh
Lyrics: kavin

Roshini Suresh’s elastic voice for this unplugged version is a total delight.

Hey Umayaal (Unplugged)
Singers: Achu, Kavya Ajit
Lyrics: kavin

Based on impromptu singing, the piano driven track has gentle elements of the acoustic guitars. Alternate chord progression and softened treatment from the mixing give a new feel to relate.

Verdict: Lend your ears to this rock-solid treat from Achu
( 3.25 / 5.0 )


Urumeen (aka) Urumeen

Urumeen (aka) Urumeen is a Tamil movie with production by G Dillibabu, direction by Sakthivel Perumalsamy, cinematography by Ravindranath Guru, editing by San Lokesh. The cast of Urumeen (aka) Urumeen includes Kalayarasan, Reshmi Menon, Simhaa.