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Bobby Simha's Urumeen locks horns with the Censor Board.

Creative freedom and censorship are two terms that would always create heated arguments and perspectives. The recent addition to the list, facing the sharpness of the scissors, is Urumeen. 


The film's trailer has a high point saying, ‘Revenge is always the Ultimate’. Team Urumeen is bogged down by the Censor Board because it is the first ever time for a trailer to be refused a release demanding the removal of a particular portion with wordings and a voice-over talking about revenge.


When we inquired, close associates of the film feel that, ‘When stories like Ramayana and Mahabharatha are thoroughly based on revenge, why should the core plot of our film be compromised? Our director is upset and we want no change to our final-cut. We don’t even mind going without a trailer for the promotions’.


When the director’s creative freedom is gone for a toss, issues will be raised regarding censorship. We hope that the tussle gets sorted out amicably.


Bobby Simha's Urumeen locks horns with the Censor Board.

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