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Aditi Chengappa talks about her film Moonae Moonu Varthai

Moonae Moonu Varthai (MMV) directed by Madhumitha is all set to hit the marquee this Friday, the 26th June. The film features the beautiful Aditi Chengappa as the lady lead who was earlier seen in Ra.  MMV also features the legendary SP Balasubrahmanyam and Lakshmi.


Aditi talks to behindwoods about the film and associated topics.


My character


My character in the film is Anjali who works in a software company. She is cool, confident and knows what she wants from life. She is definitely not meek. This is what I liked in Anjali who seems to reflect the modern woman. The film is about what happens when Arjun enters her life and impacts her thinking and behavior.


What is MMV all about?


MMV is more comedy than anything else. There is romance but it is majorly about comedy. It is a lighthearted film.




Although people ask how it was to work with a lady director, for me, there was no difference except for the fact that there are a few things a lady can understand. If a director understands them, it is a bonus, but in general, that makes no difference to me. I think what I really found great in her was no matter how stressed a situation was, she really stays calm, which is a great quality.


As an actor, when you see your director stressed or angry, you also lose it. If you are doing an emotional scene, it may work better for the scene but if you are doing a lighthearted film, you just need to be smiling and laughing, it can be disturbing to see your director angry. But Madhumitha is always cool and composed.


Every film set is always chaotic, something happening somewhere with so many people and so many processes involved. All the credit goes to her for keeping calm and cool in every situation and being able to work effortlessly because of that.


We all want to be equal, we really want to be. But majority of the people working on the set are men. To be able to command a large group of work force, even if you are a man it takes a lot of effort. But as a lady commanding, it is great to make people take you seriously. We have to admit that we are still living in a society which does not want to take orders from a woman. But Madhumitha really did that amazingly and that was inspiring to me. She got the work done in the way she wanted.




The challenge for me was that we were shooting simultaneously for Tamil and Telugu and I had to deliver the dialogue in Tamil and then in Telugu, pretty much with the same emotion. The nuances and sensibilities in speaking Tamil and Telugu are different. That was quite tricky and this is the first time I am doing a bilingual. I have to give credit to all the actors who have done this in the past. After a while, as a human being the words get muddled up. My co-artists were supportive. In a way, it was a fun challenge. I did not struggle much.


SP Balasubrahmanyam


Although I did not have combination scenes with SPB sir, I had interacted with him. In that little space, I can really say that it is the legends that are humble and down to earth, that’s the reason they are at the level they are and it is very inspiring.


Other projects


I am doing two English projects right now which are taking up my time. I want to see the audience response for Moonae Moonu Varthai and then would decide about my Tamil projects.


We wish you all the best Aditi!


Aditi Chengappa talks about her film Moonae Moonu Varthai

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